Superdrug Hand Therapy 2in1 Hand and Nail Cream

Hand CreamI’ve had this cream for quite a long time. I was out and my hands were dry and I didn’t have any cream on me, so I picked up a 150ml bottle of hand therapy 2 in 1 hand & nail cream from Superdrug for 1.99. It comes in a hot pink bottle with silver and white writing. The front reads ‘Enriched with Keratin and pro-vitamin B5 to soften hands and help strengthen nails’.

This produce is incredible smooth on your skin and nails. It also does keep them nice and soft. It’s not scented so it just smells like regular cream. It does however last a long time. I have other more expensive hand/nail creams for special occasions, but if you’re looking for something to carry around with you and used daily I’d highly recommend this. Bonus it has a label on the back that confirms it was not tested on animals :)

Overall I’d give this product a 7/10.

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