Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser


I have incredibly difficult skin when it comes to moisturizer/cleansers, most ones I’ve tried have given me spots and pimples. I’ve been using this cream for about a year and it’s been nothing but great. It’s the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser from The Body Shop. I’ve had this for a year, and I’ve still not used the whole bottle, it’s very thick and a small drop usually covers my whole face. It smells amazing, it’s got kind of a spring smell, like flowers and fresh fields. It’s also not tested on animals thank god. This bottle costs £8.50 from The Body Shop, so it’s a big more expensive than other creams but it’s defiantly worth it and it defiantly makes you skin look smoother and smell better.

Overall I’d give this product a 10/10! It’s that good :p

Link to buy product: [here]

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