My Favourite Perfumes!

Favourite Perfumes CollageI own around 20 or so perfumes that I’ve collected over the last few years, but I have a few personal favourites amongst my collection. Some I love so much I’ve used almost to the last drop, others I’ve kept stored away for special occasions and as a result have barely used them. I defiantly need to restock up on some new perfumes, I’m really wanting the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume, Eau de Gaga and the StormFlower fragance by Cheryl Cole. Christmas is coming up, as well as my birthday so hopefully someone get’s me them, otherwise I’ll be popping into the perfume shop sometime soon. Anyway until then here’s my 5 favourite perfumes from my own personal collection.

Victoria Perfume1. Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham

I’ve had a big obsession with Victoria Beckham since I was young – she was my favourite spice girl and now she’s one of my idols as one of the worlds best business women. I mean the girl is married, a full time mum, a fashion designer and a singer, whilst still looking super hot 24/7? I’m jealous.

Anyway when I found out she had her own perfume I just had to have it. It comes in a little pink box with gold writing. The bottle it’s self is small and glass with clear liquid, although the liquid itself has a golden pink tone too it. It smells divine. It’s hard to describe exactly what it smells like, but it’s a sort of roses and silk smell. If you’ve ever been to a really posh party or ball and everything smells ‘expensive’, this is what it smells like. I save this perfume for special occasions as it’s only a 50ml bottle, so it’s best to be left for dates of fancy parties.

Overall rating: 10/10

You can buy it here: [x]

Anna Sui2. Flight of Fancy by Ana Sui

I guess you could call this my ‘accident’ perfume. One christmas I was being bugged by my parents about what to get me so I simply went into a perfume store, jotted down the names of a few nice smelling perfumes and gave them a list. I ended up with this bottle of heaven and I do not regret it one bit.

First off, the box it comes in is amazing. It’s bright yellow with pink, orange and blue flowers, with a silver peacock on the front and silver writing. It’s so pretty and soft. A lot of the time I throw the boxes away and keep the perfume, but this one I just had to keep. The  bottle itself is also gorgeous. It’s pink tinted crystal with silver writing and floral designs, topped with a silver peacock lid. It truly is a beautiful bottle. The smell over all is extremely nice. It’s got a very citrus smell too it, like oranges and lemons mixed with roses and grapefruit. It’s divine. The only downside is that it doesn’t last very long and you need to keep reapplying it throughout the day to keep the smell.

Overall rating: 9/10

You can buy it here: [x]

3. Ghost Sweetheart

I absolutely adore any Ghost perfume, particularly the Ghost Sweetheart perfume. I had the 50ml bottle which comes in a tall pin box with white writing. The bottle is crystal with more white writing It’s a very formal bottle, I’m usually a fan of more extravagant bottles but I’ll admit it does look pretty on a shelf. The colour of the liquid starts of as a dark orange and changes into gold, a sort of ombre effect which is very beautiful to look at.

The fragrance itself is very floral centric, I can defiantly catch a scent of lily’s and roses. But it’s also quite fruity, there’s defiantly some lemon in there and possibly some pineapple. It lasts a long time too – a little spritz lasts a long time so it’s perfect if you don’t have time to reapply it throughout the day.

Overall rating: 10/10

You can buy it here: [x]

 4. Fame – Lady Gaga

I absolutely love Lady Gaga with a passion so when she brought on The Fame I was one of the first to get it. I got it in a gif set along with a black (yes black) coloured body wash, which I will be posting a review of at some point. It came in a black box with gold writing. The actual inside of the box was red velvet, so it felt very luxurious. The bottle itselfs is a very small oval shaped crystal bottle. The lid is gold with 4 spikes that stick out downwards, so if you were to be attacked you could probably use it as a defense weapon. The fragrance is also unisex, which is always a plus to any product.

I’ll admit when I first heard Lady Gaga was releasing a perfume I was a little worried. Not because I don’t trust her creative mindset but because I’d heard rumors the perfume smelled off blood. This, I assure you is not true at all. It smells like honey mixed with flowers, but there’s a little bit of apricot and saffron spice in there too. It’s a wild mixture of scents that shouldn’t go together but it does. The fluid also lasts a long time so there’s no worry about running out too quickly.

Overall rating: 8/10

You can buy it here: [x]

5. Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Lil`s Angel

This darling little perfume is cute as pie. It comes in a tiny little blue box with yellow writing. The box is also covered in little grooves and flowers. The bottle lid itself is in the adorable shape of a girl. She’s got brown skin and black hair with a yellow headband and a black bikini. The actual bottle bit is made of crystal and only holds a tiny 10ml of clear liquid.

The overall smell of is very fruity. It reminds me of lemons and oranges, but it also has a sort of berry smell too it. Maybe Blackberries or cherries?There’s defiantly some vanilla in their too. It reminds me of summer. My only downside to this perfume is that it’s in a very little bottle and the smell doesn’t last very long.

Overall rating: 8/10

You can buy it here: [x]




Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift

I completely adore Taylor Swift. I adore her music, her style and her generally as a person. I think she’s great. Now Taylor Swift has two perfumes Wonderstruck and Enchanted Wonderstruck. I only have the Wonderstruck one although I really do want to get the Enchanted Wonderstruck one. Anyway it’s a very pretty perfume bottle, it’s a nice oval iridescent violet bottle with gold shimmer throughout it and a gold lid imprinted with flowers. It also has a chain with several gold charms hanging off of it, one is a spikey gold ball, another a dove and last off a birds cage.

The perfume itself has a very light floral scent. It smells of berries to me, like Raspberry with Vanilla and some peach undertones. It has a pretty strong smell that lasts for quite a long time but not all day so it does need to reapplied throughout. But I do adore this perfume and honestly whenever I wear this I have a lot of people telling me I smell nice and asking what perfume I’m wearing. So that’s gotta count for something.

I’d definitely give this perfume a 10/10.

Link to purchase: [x]


Pink Friday Perfume by Nicki Minaj

Another perfume I love is the Pink Friday perfume by Nicki Minaj. I’m not like a huge Nicki Minaj fan although I do like a few of her songs. I got brought this perfume by a friend for Christmas. Now it comes in quite a weird bottle, which most of my friends find to be creepy. I do like the bottle though, 1 because I tend to like creepy things and 2 because I think it’s just a cool bottle. It’s a bust model of Nicki Minaj. The bottle is white, with a blue lines on it, and a gold head with candyfloss pink hair and lips, kind of like Nicki used to have. It also has a gold Nicki Minaj necklace around the neck. The head comes off and the perfume spray part is under that.

The fragrance itself has a very summery fruity smell. It definitely has a sort of citrus smell, similar to that of oranges and lemons maybe with a hint of strawberry and vanilla mixed in as well as a little bit of starfruit. I’ve had people say it smells like caramel and whilst it does have a slight caramel undertone it’s not that strong and is overpowered by the fruity scent.

This perfume is quite weak in that it doesn’t seem to last very long and you need a proper good amount sprayed on if you want it to last.

I give this perfume a 8/10.

Link to purchase: [x]

3Jimmy Choo Perfume by Jimmy Choo

Another perfume I have is the Jimmy Choo perfume by Jimmy Choo (great name). I have the 40ml version which is a oval sort of dark beige bottle with a silver and black square lid. This was given to my Nan as a gift, but she didn’t like it so instead she gave it to me and I love it.

To me this smells slightly like toffee with a hint of pear. It’s a very strange sweet scent that’s hard to describe but it’s definitely got the sweet toffee and pear in their. The smell also does generally last for quite a long time, generally around 3 or 4 hours so it’s got a good amount of strength and lasting power.

I’d give this perfume a 7/10.

Link to purchase: [x]


Eau De Gaga by Lady Gaga

Another perfume I love is Eau De Gage which is the second perfume by Lady Gaga. I talked about her first perfume The Fame when I talked about my favourite perfumes last time. I adore Lady Gaga, like Taylor Swift she is one of my all time favourite singers and I love almost everything she does. I think she’s great so of course I picked up her second perfume.

This one is plain and simply, a tall black bottle with a gold plate in the middle and a square lid. It’s modern and sophisticated and really stands out among all the other wacky perfume bottles I have on my shelf. The scent itself is kind of woody notes too it with some sort of lime undertones. It also kind of smells like leather. This is apparently a uni sex perfume and I do think it does smell slightly like men’s deodorant, but as someone who often where’s men deodorant I don’t have a problem with that.

I would give this perfume a 7/10.

Link to purchase: [x]

Blissful Mistful Body Mist by Zoella

The last perfume on my list if the Blissful Mistful perfume by Zoella. Now I do like Zoella and I do like her products. Some aren’t the great but this one that I really enjoy. This perfume comes in a small 45ml bottle with white polka dots on it and red lid. I know she has another perfume out as well but I haven’t had a chance to smell that one yet so I’m not really sure how good that one is.

I really adore this perfume, it’s my favourite thing she’s made (apart from her books). I’ve almost used it all up so I need to buy some more soon. It has a flowery scent to it and reminds me of white flowers, like Jasmine. It also has some fruit undertones, kind of like strawberries mixed with lemons. It’s quite a summery scent and it generally does last a few hours. Although this is listed as body mist it’s basically a perfume.

I’d give this perfume a 8.5/10

Link to purchase: [x]

And that’s all of my favourite perfumes list. I don’t really buy perfume that often but I tend to get it for Christmas so I may do a part 3 in another year or so if I expand my collection. But that’s it for now. If you like own of the perfumes in this list, let me know what you think of them because I’d love to hear other peoples views on my favourite scents.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Edit: This was originally two separate posts that have been combined together.


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