My spring wishlist

Ribbet collage 3

I know, I know. We’ve still got a long time before spring and winters still here, but unfortunately I’m one of those really impatient people that as soon as news years is over wants the sun to be shining. To cheer myself up about the lack of sun I’ll maybe spend my Christmas money on a spring clothing haul, so I’m fashionable and prepared once spring actually comes. So here’s my very short Spring Wishlist!

  1a) Sheinside Women’s Multicolor Sleeveless Graffiti Print Flare Short Dress

  • I love this bright vibrant colourful dress. It reminds me of something Aria Montgomery would wear to school. I think it would go casually with boots and a black jacket or to a party with red or blue heels. I also think it would go good with bright bold yellow accessories.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

2+3a) Baroque Print Chiffon Dress

  •  I’m in love with dress from forever 21. Both patterns look gorgeous and I can’t decide which one I want more. It’s a turtle neck, long sleeved lightweight dress with an elastic waist. It would look great with boots, a belt and maybe a hat.
  •  It’s currently sold out, but they apparently restock is quickly. I guess that shows how popular it is.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

3b) Lennon Sunglasses

  • I’ve been really been loving these round glasses lately, called the ‘lennon glasses’ because John Lennon always wore them. I’ve been dying to get a pair and hopefully this summer I will.
  • You can buy it here: [x]
  • Holly Metal Trim Paneled Clutch
    I need more bright accessories in my house, so a paneled bright yellow clutch is something I am craving.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

4a) Floral print skater dress from Forever 21

  • Gorgeous and decorative. Perfect with boots and bold accessories.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

2b) Triangle Statement Necklace

  • I need more statement necklace’s in general, but this one which is around 7 different colours looks like it would go with any plain dress and spice it up.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

4b) My ‘other’ bag

  • Convenient, hilarious and pretty.
  • You can buy it here: [x]

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