Jewellery Haul

Jewellery headerI haven’t posted for a while, been really busy with college work and life. I’ve also been super busy with some personal projects but I did manage to get a day off to go shopping (because what better way to spend a day off right?) So I went to this huge shopping center about 30 minutes away from my house and went a little bit wild with the spending. Keep in mind I haven’t been shopping for myself since October and there was a massive sale on… so you can’t really blame me. Also apologies for the bad quality of my pictures this week, the battery in my camera died and I’ve been using my ipad to take my pictures.

IMG_0070 First thing on my list is this Blue Jeweled Statement Necklace from Forever 21. For some reason the lasIMG_0075t few months I’ve had a massive obsession with statement necklaces. I think it comes from my sudden obsession with The Carrie Diaries, because in the TV show Carrie is always covered in statement necklaces. This one was £7.40, (or $8.90 if you’re not British) and I love it. I’ve had a big obsession with teal things. Literally my new iPod and headphones are both teal and I actually brought some matching earrings to go with this. They’re small with little glass ‘diamonds’ around the edge with a teal center. They’re also from Forever 21 and they were £2.50 (or $2.95 if you’re not British). They don’t look very teal in the picture, which is thanks to my crappy iPad photography skills but they are exactly the same colour, so of course you can wear them together.

IMG_0074  As well as statement necklaces and teal coloured things I’ve also had a sudden obsession with drop earrings. I blame this on my obsession with Keria Knightley movies and Jennifer Connelley’s look in the ballroom scene in Labyrinth. Anyway, I purchased 3 pairs whilst out. The first is a very colourful pair from New Look. They’re quite big, and remind me of peacock feathers. The colours are purple, gold, yellow and what do you know teal. These were actually on sale so lucky me I got them at half price, at £4 instead of the original £8. I always enjoy a bargain.


Another pair of drop earrings, these are a bit more casual. They’re double drop earrings with black centers and glass diamonds around the edge. I purchased these from Select and they were also on sale, originally priced at £4 I got them for £2. Which isn’t much, but c’mon everyone likes saving money.

From the same shop I also picked upIMG_0072 these drop earrings. They’re very flower shaped and gold coloured, with that funny glass in the center that changed colour depending on which way you turn it. They look amazing on, especially if you’ve got dark hair like me. This was originally £5.00 but because of the sale it was half price at £2.50. Which made me very happy.

IMG_0064This necklace I also from Forever 21. It’s black and gold and very decorative. It cost £8.90 which is $10.90 if you’re not British. I love it so much. My only major problem with it is that it’s very very tight around the neck. Even if you clip the very last of the chain together it is still very tight, so I may have to buy some extra chain and make it longer.

My last two items are actually statement necklaces too. I got these in the sale and I didn’t realize one was slightly broken until I got home. Luckily my friend is a very talented jewellery fixer and maker, so she’s going to fix it up for me. I purchased them both from New Look but they’re from different brands.

IMG_0065  The first is this red and black statement necklace. Now it reminds me of something you’d see Helena Bonham-Carter or some other crazy heroine wearing in a movie. It’s got that ‘dark sexy vampire queen’ look. Wait did I really just describe jewellery like that? Yes yes I did. Anyway it’s not as decorative as the other statement necklaces but it is rather pretty and is quite nice if you don’t like big statement necklaces. This was made by RE-BORN and was orignaly priced at £8, but I got it half price in the sales at £4.


This is the one, as I said earlier I didn’t realize was slightly broken until I got home. It’s not broken too much, just has a few jewels missing. But my magic jewellery fixing friend can easily fix that. Anyway I brought this necklace from New Look and it’s from the brand ROAM. It was priced at £7.50 but I got it for £2.00. Considering my friend is fixing it for free I think it’s safe to say this was a good deal. The necklace itself is not as chunky as the other statement necklaces. It’s silver and glittery, with flower shaped jewels. It’s very girly and reminds me of fairies for some odd reason.

I hope you enjoy my haul, I’ll be posting some more soon (I have a clothing, lush and makeup haul prepared) so follow, like, comment and share :)

Thanks for reading!


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