January Favourites


So it’s 2 am, the 1st of February 2015 and I still haven’t wrote out my January favourites. I know I know, but real life has been getting in the way (more on that later). But I promise I’m going to try and be more active on this blog and my other social media soon. In other news I just hit 12 followers! Yay not a lot I know, but I’ve only had this blog for a month or so and my aim during that time was to get to 10 followers and I’m happy to have met that goal. Anyway he’s a quick summary of things I have been loving this month.

Looking-for-alaska Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Agh yes I know I’m so behind. In March this book will actually be a decade old. I only just got into John Green last year when someone recommended The Faults in Our Stars to me. Now, sorry to say I wasn’t a big fan of The Faults in Ours Stars. Don’t get me wrong it was a good book, just not the genre I’m usually interested in. Looking for Alaska however has been brilliant so far. It’s actually a rather short book and I’ve read about half so far. It’s got more adult language and actually represents what it’s like to actually be a teenager. The writing sometimes reminds me of Candice Bushnell. I love Alaska and I just heard this book is being turned into a movie and I must say I’m a little bit more than tempted to send in an audition tape to John Green.


Food: Walkers Salt & Vinegar Coated Peanuts

So being a teenage girl, things like sugar and salt are my poison and I’m in constant need of a steady supply. I have a strong addiction to peanuts. Literally any type of peanuts, whether it be cashew, pistachio or just plan peanuts. I also am strongly addicted to Salt & Vinegar crisps. So I combination of the two is literally heaven in a packet. These only cost 60p, taste amazing and are easy to carry around. They’re super addicting though but are perfect if you’re like my and need to feed your salt addiction.

Drink: Carrot and summer fruits juice carrot-juice1

Now I know what you’re thinking, vegetables being turned into juice is gross. That’s what I thought for a very long time. Last month I was shopping and grabbed some cartons of the rack, thinking they were orange juice cartons. It wasn’t until I got home much, much later did I see that they were actually Carrot and summer fruits juice cartons. Woops. Well I wasn’t going to just throw away something I spent money on so the next day I took one to college with me for break and I just can’t tell you how amazing these drinks are. They literally taste like heaven. They stay cool throughout the day and are only small so can fit in even the most tiniest of bags and pockets. Drinking one also counts as one of your five a day so that’s always a bonus.

wwwApp: Crossy Roads

Okay so I got ‘recommended’ this app by one of my favourite youtubers, AmazingPhil. Well when I say recommended I mean I mass stalked his videos and he brought it up so often it got stuck in my brain and I caved and downloaded it. It is a super cute, simply pixelated game, (is pixelated a word?) kind of like flappy bird, but not as irritating. Your goal is simply, get the bird across the road. Except it get’s harder and harder the further across the roads you get. You can also collect coins to win prizes and unlock new characters, which is always nice. My personal favourites are the Emo Goose and the Flee. (There’s a sentence I thought I would never say). Anyway it’s super cute, free and addicting so it’s defiantly worth a download if you’re looking for some entertainment.

Youtuber: CutiePieMarziamarzia

So I’ve had a youtube account, pretty much as long as my parents have allowed me to have access to the internet, which has been since I was about 11 or 12. Back then I’m pretty sure I used it mostly to watch music videos and episodes of the simpsons. I also remember watching a few youtubers, okay a lot of youtubers. I had subscribed to at least 80 and probably couldn’t even name 3 of them. Around November last year some bad personal stuff happened and I started feeling very isolated and alone. I don’t really want to go into it, because it’s quite personal but I found that books, music and films weren’t helping me as much as they usually did. Instead I turned to youtube. I’ve watched some youtubers for years, such as Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, Pointless Blog, Shane Dawson, Emma Blackery etc etc, but I recently discovered CutiePieMarzia also known as Mariza Bisongnin. She’s an Italian youtuber and has the sweetest, cutest most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. She is not only absolutely beautiful and adorable but a very interesting person to watch. Marzia’s videos contain content from fashion hauls to  travel journals to videos where she scares her boyfriend (Felix aka PewDiePie). She had been my addiction since November and It’s my goal to get through all her videos asap. If you’re looking for new youtubers to follow you should defiantly follow her: {here}

tumblr_static_b8rra2xwofkskkg8o08os0cok-american-horror-story-freakshow-a-creepy-poster-collectionShow: American horror Story Freak Show

I mean how could this not be on the list? The hit series just finished it’s fourth season freak show. A lot of people didn’t like it, I personally loved it. I wasn’t quite so happy with how it ended, but I love all the stuff that happened in between. A lot of deaths took place this season, but I wasn’t that surprised, considering it is American horror Story after all. Apart from the killing of my favourite characters and the ending I really enjoyed this season and I’m excited for it to come on Netflix so I can rewatch it. Specifically with my mum who squeals at everything even slightly gory. Also the picture I used isn’t the actual official poster, it’s actually Lady Gaga. But who can resist her AND American horror story?

P1000128Product: French Connection Body Spray

I got this for Christmas in a French Connection Beauty Kit. Now keep in mind I got about 10 beauty kits. Now are people just giving these away or do they think I smell? I got this with some body wash, body butter, hand and foot cream and body polish (I thought polish was for antiques and cars?). I kind of threw it on my dresser, knowing I would grab it next time I ran out of my drug store Charlie body spray. Well when I did run out I took this with me instead and I’m glad I did because it has literally become my drug. It comes in a very small 75ml bottle so there’s not a lot in it but it absolutely smells amazing. The smell is hard to describe, if you’ve ever smelled French Connection products you’ll come to know they all pretty much have the same smell, but it’s a very amazing smell at that. Another huge bonus is the smell last for absolutely ages. With a body spray or perfume the smell is usually gone after 5 minuets of walking but a small spray of this lasts for hours. It’s very addicting and I think I’ve probably used it every day since getting it. It’s amazing and I would 100% recommend it, especially if you’re constantly on the move and don’t have time to stop and spray every 5 minuets.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe :)  (or is it follow? I really should know the difference by now)


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