Gourmet Delights Cupcake Soap

SoapThis is going to be a quick review because I’m really tired and it’s midnight here. I managed to pick this soap up not long ago. It came in a gift set with a body cream and body wash, which I’ll post a review of asap. Anyway it’s super cute, in the shape of a little cupcake complete with sprinkles and a cherry. It smells absolutely divine. The packet say’s it’s Cherry Cupcake flavour, and it really does smell like cherries. I’m not getting a very cupcakey (hey look I’m inventing words again) smell but the cherry flavour is defiantly strong. This has a use by date of July 2016, which is handy if you’re like me and collect soaps and don’t use them for 6 months.

I’d give this product a 9/10.

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One thought on “Gourmet Delights Cupcake Soap

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