Valentines day gift guide!

UntitledOkay so I’ve been single for… a long time now so maybe I’m not the best person to be giving advice on Valentine’s day gifts but I spend a lot of time reading lovedy dovey books and scorching through ship tags on Tumblr.So surely I can at least attempt to help some of you buy something for that special someone. Also note: a lot of these are cheaply made/home made so you don’t have to go all out and spend lots of money on each other, because I know a lot of people set budgets for each other these days and also making presents yourself has become a lot more frequent, which I love. I feel as if making something yourself really shows you’ve put the effort in for the person you love.

DSC_0095-web  For both: Printable Chocolate Wrapper Bars

These are a super cute idea. You can get these for free by following the link bellow. They allow you to write your own little message that you can then print on a chocolate bar for that special someone. Or if you want to just do something nice for someone you’re not with you could take it differently. Say write ‘for when you’re sad’ or ‘for when your team loses’, put them all together in a big box and give to someone as a little emergency supply of chocolate.

Link: [X]

For both: 52 Things I love about you flip book

52-things-i-love-about-youThis little idea is called ’52 things I love about you’ yes it’s quite a cheesy gift but as least it’s personal and easy to make! Basically it’s 52 playing cards printed out and clipped together. On each card you write something you love about the other person on the card. This is super adorable, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship and you don’t get to see each other often.

Link: [X]


valentine-s-gift-ideas-for-her_1421850587For both: Love heats map canvas print

This isn’t actually a home made present. Well you could make it yourself if you’re super talented, but otherwise you could simply just purchase it at the shop I’ll link to bellow. It’s pretty much a white wall canvas with two overlapping hearts on it. The idea is you can either put the places you’re both from in each heart, or you can have the place you met in both. I think this is a really adorable unique idea and something worth spending money on for that special someone.

Link: [X]

n3UWZd9troLVg56CMZ5X_400For both: Couple pillows

You can many different styles of couple valentine’s gifts and these ones are adorable. It shows a little stick figure couple talking to each other via a cup and string ‘phone’. Simply, yet cute and adorable.

Link: [x]


3fs6R4GHN2AWq9GRndaL_400For him: Superman and Star Wars CufflinksAMPoqgAQljC6mCdniLcp_400

These are really cool. The superman was is not really romantic themed but it’s still a nice idea if you’re unsure of what to get someone for Valentine’s day. The Star Wars ones are slightly more Valentine’s themed. One features Princess Lelia saying ‘I love you’ with Han Solo replying I know. Super nerdy but still very cute.

Link: [x] [x]


 SNClC2lgs9CCWJrWgG73_400For both: 100 Ways to Spend Time Together as a couple

This is just a super cute book that does exactly what the title says. It gives you a list of cute activities you and you other half can do together as a couple. It has something for every couple, no matter age, budget or interest and is just generally just a nice, cute thing you can buy for Valentines day.

Link: [x]

cCs6YsXSShfFUUNScBmg_400For both: Celebrity Cocktails drinks book

This gift could be for a man or a woman, as long as they drink that is. If they can’t or don’t drink alcoholic beverages this is probably not the best drink for them. Celebrity Cocktails shares cocktail recipes associated with great Hollywood stars, from Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Charlie Chaplin and Dean Martin. With easy-to- follow instructions, tricks of the trade, and gorgeous photography, this chic volume is a must-have for every sophisticated host.

Link: [x]


For both: Romantic Coupon Book

Now ordinarily you could either buy this online or make one yourself. Inside the book are 22 beautiful design coupons that your significant other can trade for presents, such as bubble bath’s and full body massages. It’s a cute, slightly naughty gift that will keep you occupied for months.

Link: [x]


ahGVqkKXaAGtXKnJLMNb_400 For both: Valentine Nostalgic Candy Gift Box

This is a really cute idea that you can probably recreate yourself. It’s simply a little decorate box full of old sweets. That’s it. Simply but still such a good idea. This contains over 50 pieces of classic, old fashioned candy favorites including Boston Baked Beans, Bubble Gum Cigars, Candy Cigarettes, Caramel Apple Pops, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Cinnamon Toothpicks, Fun Dip, Giant Smarties, Hot Dog Cinnamon Gum, Lemon Heads, Licorice Pipe, Long Boy, Red Hots, Sugar Daddy Pops, Zotz, Atomic Fireballs, Bazooka Bubble Gum and more. Perfect if your other half has a sweet tooth!

Link: [x]



Screen-Shot-2013-01-24-at-7.44.22-PMFor men: Chocolate covered bacon

Men love bacon. Men love chocolate. Unless you’re a veterinarian you’re pretty guaranteed to love a combination of the two. You can make this yourself or simply just order some online. Oh and of course this could be for a gift for a woman too!

Link: [x][x]


16340-360x360-1358436475For both: Candles

This a simply easy gift. Of course you can go to most stores and buy candles, Yankee candles are easily my favourite brand. There’s this shop on Etsy that sells candles of all different scents, such as Kentucky Bourbon and Winter Spiced Wine. It’s a great idea if you like the smell of alcohol but don’t want all the extra calories.

Link: [x]


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