The Carrie Diaries Book Review!


So after The Carrie Diaries TV Series ended I was deeply upset. It was one of my favourite shows and everything about it was perfect, the acting, the characters, the setting, the music and the fashion was to die for. Keep in mind this is coming from a person who has never ever once in her life seen Sex and The City. I know I know, but it literally came out a year after my birth and ended when i was 7. So I think it’s safe to say I was way to young for the adult themes the show represents. I swear I’ll get round to watching it one day though, hopefully this year. Also warning, this post will contain spoilers for both the TV show and the novel

Anyway back to The Carrie Diaries. So of course I was devastated my show was finishing and after a week or so of dwelling in the ‘what do I do with my life now?’ phase I decided to read the book. Now this book is for young adults but is quite mature with the use of adult topics and sexual language. It’s very easy to relate to if you’re going through the end of high school/beginning of college phase as it deals with topics such as coming out, losing your virginity, applying for college, cheating and alcohol abuse.

Carrie Bradshaw is a very interesting character to read about, she’s confident, clumsy and creative. She doesn’t differ much from the TV series and both the TV and the novel character share the same over the top 80’s taste for fashion. Lots of vintage clothing and retro designs. Both characters also have a huge love for reading which, of course is in preparation for what happens in Sex and The City.

Now if you’re a fan of Kyddshaw from the TV Series (Sebastian Kydd and Carrie Bradshaw) you may slightly be disappointed with the writing of them in this novel. Okay extremely disappointed. Sebastian in this is well… there’s no other way to put it other than Class A Asshole. Sebastian is a stuck up rich guy who takes an interest in Carrie and then attempts to change her. When she refuses he, and get this, he cheats on her with her best friend. Yep. And what’s worse is that her best friend then proceeds to rub it in her face and tell her she deserves it.

But the other characters are entertaining, particularly Carries little sister Dorrit and her friends, Walt, Maggie and The Mouse and her enemy Donna LaDonna. They are all experiencing troubles themselves and although the story takes place from Carrie’s point of view it really is entertaining seeing how she deals with all her friends problems. My only other problem with this book is the ending which ends on a bloody cliffhanger. Carrie is given a number to call in case she ever gets lost in New York. She does, dials the number and who picks up but Samantha Jones! Yes the lady herself (well younger lady) from SATC. Of course we don’t get to find out how they get to be BFF’s until the second book, Summer in The City, which I am dying to read and see how they became the friends they are today.

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