Boots Extracts Body Wash Collection

One of my birthday gifts from my parents was the boots extracts ‘a fresh and fruity twist body wash collection’. It came in a black box with lots of bright writing an contained four bottles of body wash, each having their own individual smell. There’s not much to say about these other than that they smell absolutely divine. Each bottle is coloured according to the smell of it and each bottle reads ‘gently,  cleanses, conditions and moisturizes for smooth, soft skin’. The texture of the products is of course extremely soft and creamy. The bottles come in four flavours, Mango, which is incredibly close to the real fruit, so much so that I want to eat it. There’s also Cocoa Butter, Strawberry and Vanilla. They all smell amazing, the Cocoa Butter is not as scented as the others, meaning the smell hits you almost straight away upon opening the others but you really have to get close to smell the Cocoa Butter one. My favourite is probably the Vanilla because it smells amazing and after I’ve used it my whole body smells like a cupcake. Also I might add these are all fair trade products so that’s always a bonus.

Overall I’d give these: 9/10

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