The Liebster Award

liebsterThank you to Love Steph x for the nomination. Your blog is lovely and so cute and I’d love to get to know you more :

The Rules

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the nominator
  • Nominate 3-11 other blogs and link them (under 200 followers)
  • Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Finally, notify your nominees via social media/blogs

1. If you could visit anywhere in the world (that you’ve never been to before), where would you go?

Defiantly New York. Been in love with the idea of it since I was young. I think my obsession from it possibly came from chain watching Gossip Girl, Sex and the City and The Carrie Diaires? Who knows. But I’d love to go there.

2. If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, which would you use?

Defiantly water proof pencil black eyeliner. Doesn’t really matter what brand but preferably mac or collection. If I don’t have time to do my makeup I can just put some eyeliner on my water line to make myself instantly look not like a corpse (yay for pale skin! *sarcasm*).

3. Which shop is your favourite at the moment?

My favourite shop at the moment is probably lush. I saw a lot of youtube videos of people using them and I tried them out myself and I can confess: I am extremely addicted.

4. What’s your favourite picture from 2014?
1017151_10204118211012986_8807092235944952334_n I decided to dress up my cat for Christmas…

And it was in that moment I realized I have become a crazy cat lady.

5. Who is your favourite author?

Does anyone really have a favourite author? I read so much and I don’t really tend to stick to just one author. A few I love and I guess could be considered favourite ‘authors’ are J.K. Rowling, Candace Bushnell, Sara Shepard, John Green, Lauren Kate, J.R.R Tolkien and Cecily Von Ziegesar.

6. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? (no wishing for extra wishes)

First i’d wish to have a better body. Skinnier thighs and arms, a flat stomach, slight abs and tanned hairless skin. Secondly I’d wish that no matter what I ate or how little exercise I did I would never gain weight. Thirdly I would wish to never have period pain again.

7. What colour appears most in your wardrobe?

Apparently black. I didn’t think I actually wore a lot of black but a lot of my blazers, jeans, socks, vest tops, underwear and gloves are black because black goes with everything and I like to accessorize. So black.

8. What’s your favourite tv show?

It’s really hard for me to answer this question because I’ve had a lot of favourite TV-Shows over the years. I don’t really have a favourite over the others, although I do have my ‘this show started off good and got rubbish and ruined everything and I regret ever watching it’ (hello The Vampire Diaries). But one that stands out to me is Gossip Girl. Now someone introduced this to me an extremely long time ago, can’t remember who but I watched the first 2 seasons, then moved and didn’t have internet for a while. Then when I finally did get wifi I chain watched the first 3 seasons and then got caught up. I absolutely adore this, it inspired not only my fashion sense but it helped me be more confident. I got a lot of idols from this show, such as Leighton, Blake, Taylor, Ed and Chace and today I still love absolutely everything about it. And I’m glad I can say if there’s one person’s life I’d like to live in it’s Blair Waldorf’s.

9. What is your proudest moment in life so far?

Probably getting DD (Double Distinction) in my college class last year. If you do know what that means it’s basically the equivalent to being told you got an A* over all. I’ve never done really good in school. Well I did good, but it was mostly C’s and B’s, so not that good but good enough. But I was proud of myself for doing better than expected.

10. If someone gave you the ability to go back and change something in your life that you didn’t like, would you do it? Why or why not?

Sounds very nerdy I guess but I’d start this blog and my book a lot earlier. Like in 2012/2013 instead of last year. I just think I’d have got a lot further with it If I’d started with it earlier.

11. What’s your favourite meal?

I should probably lie and describe a healthy all natural ingredients gluten free low fat meal but I’m not because honestly no one cares if you’re a vegan apart form you. I’d say my favourite meals is probably Lasagna with chips and garlic bread. Actually I’m getting really hungry just thinking about this.

I nominate: Fully Booked, Emma and out, and My Little Life

Now my questions for you are

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  2. What’s you earliest memory?
  3. Do you have any weird habbits?
  4. Your biggest regret
  5. Your guilty pleasure
  6. Your Favourite beauty blogger/vlogger and why?
  7. Which of the harry potter books/movies is your favourite and why?
  8. Favourite bath bomb
  9. Who’s your favourite Disney princess and why?
  10. Favourite song from the 80’s?
  11. And last of all, 3 things you want to do or achieve before you die?

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