February Favourites

UntitledFebruary aka the month as love, aka a normal month for me because I am forever alone and haven’t left the house all weekend. I suppose it’s my own fault, after all I don’t leave my bedroom and spend most of my time on Tumblr and attempting to write a book I’ll probably never publish. Anyway enough about my non existent life, here’s a few of the things I’ve been loving/enjoying this month.

Zoella_Blissful_Mistful_45ml_1411576372_mainI recently brought a lot of products from Zoella’s beauty collection (I have a separate review post on that coming up!) and in that collection is Zoella’s perfume/body mist, ‘Blissful, Mistful’. I have the 45ml bottle, which is clear with a white poka dot pattern, a red lid and rose gold writing. I’ve been loving this perfume because it smells so nice. It’s got a very ‘sweet shop’ smell to it and it’s a small bottle so it fits into most bags without taking up too much room.

index There’s this super cute app/game I’ve been addicted to on my iPad for a while now. It’s called Meego Village. It’s one of those cute little games where you get given a few little cute creatures and use them to harvest materials to build things. It’s different to other games however because unlike those similar it doesn’t pester you to buy stuff every 5 minuets. Since playing it I’ve not had one pop up asking me to pay money for extra resources. It’s a cute little, pocket game that’s just super fun and easy to play.

City_of_Ashes  The next section will contain spoilers for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass. I read the City of Bones book last year before the movie came out and I enjoyed it a lot. I wasn’t particularly happy with the incestuous ending so for the majority of this book I’ve been pretending they aren’t actually related and I’ve still been squealing over Clary/Jace, every time they have a scene. I haven’t finished it yet but the suspense was killing me so I Googled and found out they aren’t actually brother and sister (Thank god!) so I know have no guilt about shipping them whatsoever.

efab6d7a56f06ff9fc5ff524499df33aI recently ran out of my everyday hand cream (featured in one of my first reviews) about a week ago. I am a very ‘clean’ person and I use hand cream and hand sanitizer about 8-12 times a day, so my hands are always quite soft but therefore in constant need of attention. Luckily for me I have a whole bag of hand creams from various beauty gift packages that I got for Christmas. Soap & Glory hand food was one of them and I’ve been using it since. It’s a really small bottle but it smells amazing and I would highly recommend it.

20140301233601!Super-Mario-3D-Land-LogoI got a 3Ds for Christmas, which I only really wanted so I could play the new Zelda game, but it came with this game. I’ve loved Mario since I was a kid and I’ve played countless super Mario games over the years. I remember when I was really young I’d play Super Mario 64 on my Dad’s Nintendo 64 and I remember working my butt off every day and eventually getting all 150 stars. This game is super addicting and also quite hard for a Mario game. Although I didn’t have the 3D turned on because it hurt my eyes the levels are quite challenging and hard and after you’ve got through all 8 different worlds you then restart as Luigi playing the game over except everything is 10x harder. It’s a very stressful but fun and adventurous game and I’m determined to complete all 100% of it.

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