My Dream Wedding

Ribbet collage

This post was originally for a 30 Day Blog Challenge being like day 7 I think, but I fell so far behind on posts (since it requires posting every single day, something I don’t have time for) that this was like supposed to go up like 2 weeks before I actually got around to posting it. Whoops. Anyway since I fell so far behind I just decided to delete all the posts and restart it at a later date. But this post was so pretty and probably something I’m going to want to remember if I ever actually decide to get married so I decided not to delete it and rather just change the title and wording a little, whilst still making it clear it was for a challenge that I clearly failed at.

The original challenge was on Day 7 to describe your ‘Dream Wedding’  Now because I haven’t had the best luck with relationships and have never really found a perfect boy apart from those in books (*cough cough* Jace Wayland) I’m not 100% sure I want to get married. But I do have a sort of basic idea of what kind of ‘dream’ wedding I’d want.

First off, in case you haven’t noticed from my blog posts I am a massive nerd. I love fantasy, video games, adventure, I love superheroes, Zelda and lord of the rings and just things that I guess are considered ‘nerdy’. I’ve always wanted a forest type wedding, I think this comes from my love of Lord of the Rings and Legend of Zelda. They had a forest wedding in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I loved it. I love the idea of getting married under the trees amongst nature (as long as no wildlife or animals are hurt/damaged during the wedding of course). Having the reception under lots of lanterns/fairy lights also just seems like a magical and beautiful idea. I posted a collage above of some images I found that I thought resembled my ideas.

Wedding dress wise I remember at one pointed I wanted a black one with lace gloves. Yeah I don’t know what I was thinking. I think it was because I really liked Shenae Grimes wedding dress (love her by the way) but because I’m as pale as a corpse, black just washes me out. I do love lace though, and keeping with the ‘enchanted forest’ theme I’m apparently going with, I’d love a sort of ‘enchantress’ type dress, like the one pictured here. I think it’d go very well with loose curled hair and a silver flower/leaf crown.

For the reception again I’d either like it to be in the forest or a castle. If anyone has seen the 1986 Jim Henson movie Labyrinth (which Is one of my favourite movies ever) their is ballroom scene where David Bowie’s (I love him and his music) character Jareth dances with Jennifer Connellys (gorgeous by the way) character Sarah and sings the song As the world Falls Down and it’s always been one of my favourite movie scenes ever as I just adore it so much. The setting itself is a masquerade ball with dancing but also areas that are completely cushions with strings of pearls hanging from chandeliers and stuff. I just think it’s really beautiful and I’d love the idea of having that sort of style for my wedding reception.

I wouldn’t know anything about food/bridesmaids/colours or anything like that. Weirdly enough though, I’d love to have my honeymoon somewhere different. I love Pirates and keeping with the Fantasy theme I think it’d be fun to spend my ‘honeymoon’ on a pirate ship, sailing around the Caribbean. Yeah I know that’s a really stupid idea and no normal person would want to go on a pirate ship for their honeymoon but then again I’m not exactly normal and hey a girl can dream.

Looking over this post it makes me wonder why I haven’t quit life to go live in the forest and pretend I’m a fairy. Maybe that’s something I should invest in doing. I’ve also realized I’m very weird and I think that’s probably why no one will date or ever marry me. Oops.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and follow! xoxo


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