Lady Gaga Black Fluid Shower Gel

Black FluidThis came in a gift set along with the Lady Gaga perfume. Now I love Lady Gaga a lot and I adore this shower gel. I was a little bit reluctant to use it at first because it’s black shower gel, which I’ve never heard of before. But as we all know Gaga loves to be different so of course it wouldn’t be a white liquid. The bottle is extremely pretty, a black square shaped bottle with a gold lid and gold writing.It smells amazing, almost exactly like the perfume and the smell lasts for ages after. The soaps bubbles that appear after washing are actually grey, which is quite cool and fun to look at. I only use this for ‘rare’ occasions, such as a party or a date (I never go on dates so it’s mostly parties) because it smells so good and if you want to impress someone I’d defiantly recommend this.

Rating: 8/10

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