Makeup haul #1


This post is really overdue because I actually brought all these products in January and I took the pictures of the products in January, but I haven’t yet actually written up a post about the products I purchased, and I’d like to say it’s because I wanted to try out the products and give you a honest review, but honestly I’m just really lazy and I really couldn’t be bothered. All of these products were brought from Boots and in total I think it came to around 40 pounds. I know that is a lot and I never ever spend this much on makeup ever. I had literally been saving all my money + birthday and Christmas money up for my big ‘January’ shop and since the products I want are sometimes a little more pricey than I can afford this is probably the one and only time I’ll spend this much money. Anyway, here’s what I purchased :)

Ribbet collage

Sleek: Corrector and Concealer Palette

Link: [x]

First off I purchased the Sleek, corrector and concealer palette, in the lightest shade which is 01. Because I have the skin colour of a corpse that’s been in the ground for a few weeks. The palette comes in a small, cute cardboard box which is a little difficult to open with or without long nails and the palette box itself is small and black with ‘sleek makeup’ on the front. Inside is a corrector, in a very light pink, a concealer in a light beige and a setting powder in a light cream colour. I’ve mostly been using the concealer and the corrector because I use a separate setting powder, but on the occasion I have used to setting powder I’ve found it a little dry and it doesn’t stick to the brush very well, which is unfortunate. The concealer and corrector however, are amazing. I’ve been doubling the corrector up as a highlighter at times as I’ve currently run out of the one I usually use, so I used that along my non existent cheek bones as well as to cover up my bad patches. The corrector I’ve been using mostly under my eyes and both the corrector and concealer work and blend very well into my skin, so I am very happy with this product.

Ribbet collage

Sleek: i-Divine Palette in Storm

Link: [x]

I also purchased the Sleek i-Divine Palette in storm, which includes 12 mineral based eye shadow’s. I have a lot of darker Barry-M palette’s which are more for nighttime/darker looks and a few palette’s which have a range of colours but are too big to carry around with me. I love this palette because it’s quite small and fits into my bag/makeup bag easily. The colours are also quite light so I tend to use this palette almost every single day. The colour names from left-to-right starting from the top row are: Stand Storm, Snow Storm, Calm before the Storm, Thunder Storm, Perfect Storm and Firestorm. They’re all quite neutral, light tones and they blend in well with my pale skin. The colour from left-to-right on the bottom row are: Dust Storm, Gathering Storm, Storm Cloud, Electric Storm, Eye of the Storm and Blackout. The bottom row is a lot darker and I tend to use these colours less. As I said to before I use this palette almost every single day and when I do I usually use Snow Storm as my base, followed by Sand Storm in the crease and a bit of Thunder Storm in the corner. Perfect Storm and Firestorm also look really nice together to create a sort of rose smokey eye. I’ve worn it a few times when I’ve been wearing pink on my outfit. The swatches unfortunately for some reason aren’t very clear in the picture but I can assure you they’re all really beautiful colours.

Ribbet collage

Sleek: Face Form Contour Palette

Link: [x]

I purchased another sleek palette (in case you can’t tell I love that brand). It’s a trio face form contour palette in the ‘light’ shade, because of course I have very pale skin. It comes with a bronzer, highlighter and blush. I’ve been using all 3 daily, the blush on the apple of my cheeks, the highlighter along the top of my cheek bone and the bronzer under my cheekbone and across certain parts of my face. I find the blush and bronzer work very well but the highlighter is very hard to see, especially when you’ve got really pale skin like me. The powders can also be quite thick and are hard to spread around, so I find myself having to dab my brush into the palette a lot. Apart from that I really like this product as it makes contouring really easy.


Rimmel London Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

Link: [x]

I ran out of my old primer so I purchased a new one. I can’t remember the brand of my last one, but I much prefer this one. This one is more a liquid primer, as in it comes with a little brush and you put it on your eyelids and it dries with your eyeshadow stuck to it, whereas the one I had before was a pencil that you drew on and then smudged with your finger. This one has a very silky texture to it, and whenever i have it on the eyeshadow I use always come out brighter and lasts a lot longer. The website I linked to has very bad reviews/ratings for this product which is odd, since I’ve been using this every time I wear eyeshadow and I really do think it’s an excellent product.

Ribbet collage

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Dark Night Water-loops Lipstick

Link: [x]

I’ve never really worn lipstick over the years because I didn’t think I could ever pull it off because of my pale skin, but that didn’t stop me from buying the darkest lipstick I could find. I really love dark purple lipstick on other people so I had to try it out. I like this one a lot although it does take quite a while to set and it is quite watery. It’s a nice colour though but of course cause of my skin tone I’d have to be careful what I pair it with.


Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in Sweet Berry


Another lipstick here, this one is in a very dark pink from Miss Sporty. The texture of this one is nice and soft and it stays on your lips for quite a while. Again because I’m very pale it does wash me out quite a lot but the colour matches with pretty much any oufit which is always a bonus. Anyway I really love this shade and also I’ve always loved Miss Sporty so of course I love this brand too.

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