Looking for Alaska Book Review


I already talked about this book I believe in my February Favourites but I always like to give a full review after I’ve read it. Now I finished this post a long time ago but this blog post isn’t going up until the 23rd so it may seem like it took me ages to read it when in fact it didn’t. As always this post contains spoilers for Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Anyway I really enjoyed this book, I didn’t think I would because I didn’t really like The Fault in Our Stars that much, and I kind of new this was going to be a book heavily centered around romance which I’m not really a fan off as a main topic. The way the book is set out is kind of strange because there are no real chapter as every ‘chapter’ starts with something like ‘2 hundred and 14 days before/after’, and there are no blank places where a chapter ends and another starts, it just continues on the same page.

Now the style of this book reminds me a lot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower because the teenagers are very care young and free. The language it also very grown up and there’s a lot of sex talk as well as lots of scenes with alcohol, porn, sex acts and cigarettes. The main character, ‘Pudge’ annoyed me quite a lot throughout the last half of the book, mainly because of his obsession with Alaska which I found kind of creepy.

Alaska Young however was a character I adored. I thought she was such a mystery with all her mood swings and wild ideas and I adored how she was such a strong feminist and she’d defend other women against hate even when she didn’t know them. I think we need more women like Alaska. I also love how she isn’t perfect looking, she’s curvy and has a ski slope nose. This made me really happy because I actually do have a skip slope nose and I hate it so much but it was nice to see someone else with a nose like mine in a book and have them still be considered beautiful by several other characters.

The plot itself was very relaxed and neutral. There wasn’t really much going on except you followed Pudge around as he did everyday activities, such as going to class and praying pranks on his enemies. But in a way sometimes I like to read books like these because it’s a nice change from the dystopian books I normally read, where people are getting murdered by the thousands because of some alien race or government dictator. I really enjoyed Looking for Alaska, especially the importance of the last half when it showed people getting over something bad happening and dealing with grief. I feel like too often in books major character deaths happen at the end so by the time the next one has come out it’s been a few months in book world between the two and the character has come out of grieving already. I feel like maybe that sentence didn’t make any sense but I hope you understand what I mean.

Anyway despite the fact I didn’t like The Faults in Our Stars I really did enjoy this book a lot and I would defiantly recommend it to a friend. :)

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