March Favourites

UntitledI’ve actually been loving a lot of stuff this month. I’ve been trying to write more for my favourites and include something from each topic each month, so Literature, Music, Film, TV, Beauty etc as I feel like I don’t put enough effort into my posts. hopefully this one will be better than my others. Anyway here we go…

tumblr_n397y6DqsY1qenlbro3_250  Youtuber/Blogger – Niomi Smart

I’ve known who Niomi is for a while, mostly from watching her in peoples vlogs. I began reading her blog first of and then watching her videos. I really enjoy her content a lot. She seems really natural and relaxed in front of the camera and she gives a lot of information about the products she talks about too. I really enjoy a lot of the recipes she posts and I’m actually really interested in trying some, especially her chocolate pancakes with hot blueberry sauce. She seems really smart and nice and of course she’s beautiful. She posts a lot about healthy vegan eating and working out and honestly I’m the laziest person ever when it comes to food and working out but she really makes me want to work hard to get the body I want. You should defiantly check out her blog and Youtube channel here and here.

indexBeauty – Lush Bubblegum Lip scrub

I’ve had this scrub for a while but only lately have I been using it every night. When I put my face wash on at night I apply this directly after and then wash it off (or rather lick it off). It makes my lips feel super soft and taste really nice. It’s also repaired them quite a bit and strangely my lips looks like they’ve gotten bigger. I know that’s kind of impossible and maybe it’s just the placebo effect as I came upon this when looking for ways to make my lips look bigger (I have super thin lips) but they do look a lot plumper and healthier. Anyway I would defiantly recommend this scrub, if not for the treatment than for the taste.

tumblr_m33rmeoLT41rs3bevo1_500  Fashion – Flower Crowns

I’ve been seeing people wearing flower crowns for a while and I’ve been interested in buying some for myself. I never really had the chance as I thought I’d look silly wearing one. I recently was invited to a ‘hippie’ themed party and so as a result I brought a flower crown to go with it. I got told by a lot of people that they really suit me and since then I’ve kind of been addicted to wearing them. If you haven’t already you should defiantly give them a try.

TV – HeroesHeroes-Poster

Heroes finished quite a few years ago and I did actually watch almost all of it the first time round but I never got to finishing it. I found out they’re doing a sort of spin-off/sequel mini series called Heroes Reborn and so decided to re watch the entire series. I’m defiantly as addicted as I was the first time around. Since I was a kid I’ve basically loved anything with super powers and people having powers and agh I just love this show so much. It’s actually all on Netflix so if you can I would defiantly recommend you check this out.

ID_Smokeand mirrors_COVERDELUXE_v01_0  Music – Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

I have been in love with Imagine Dragons music for quite a few years now. I can’t actually choose a favourite song of there’s because I love them all and I even have a giant poster of them now on my wall. I don’t like concerts much but I would actually love to see them live. Their new album, Smoke + Mirror is amazing. I am literally in love with almost every song on there. I think my favourite is I’m So Sorry… or maybe Gold… or Smoke and Mirrors you know it’s really really hard to choose. But they’re all really great and if you haven’t heard of this band or there songs you should really consider buying some right now.

Book – Marilyn Monroe Parragon book 51akEi1E53L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Marilyn Monroe for a while now. I think she was a smart, beautiful, wonderful woman and I really enjoy reading about her life. I like how she reached her dream and worked hard to show she was more than her looks. I’ve watched a lot of her movies (I’m determined to watch them all) and I think she really was a brilliant actress/singer. I got this book from a local shop that I can’t remember the name of for 1 pound I think. It’s full of random facts and beautiful glossy photos of her. It’s not really a huge read but It’s really nice to just flick through every now and then. It’s kind of like a coffee table book. Anyway I love it and you should defiantly check it out.

dark-shadows-cd  Movie – Dark Shadows

So this movie has been out for a while and I actually did watch it along time ago but I only went out and brought the DVD this month. This movie apparently wasn’t as successful as people had hoped but to be honest I really really liked it. I love Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer and of course Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. I have this weird love for creepy dark things, like castles and creepy stories. This movie has a lot of that in it as well as a lot of vampires, witches, werewolves and other creepy creatures, and I love anything that has paranormal creatures in it. The acting was amazing as always, Eva Green played a major bitch in it which just goes to show how good her acting is because she seems lovely from what I’ve seen in interviews. I also strangely love the fashion in this. I’m really tempted to do a blog post or a look book or something inspired by this movie because the fashion, which is kind of 70’s Gothic is really unique but also really beautiful. This movie is supposed to be a 12 but has a lot of adult scenes/language so It feels a bit more mature. If you haven’t seen it you should defiantly check out the trailer here.

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