Lush haul!

lusI got the chance too go into lush the other day and of course I had to buy something… or rather 6 somethings. This is only my second visit to Lush so I’m still getting used to what I do and don’t like and I’m really using the  ‘test everything’ method to find that out. I know for sure my favourite so far is defiantly the Love Locket Bath Bomb I talked about in my last haul and the bubblegum lip scrub, which both smell and work amazingly. Anyway without further ado, here’s my haul :)

DSCF8269 Tisty Tosty 

This I think is probably going to be one of my favourite bath bombs ever. It’s a small white heart about the size of my hand with little rose buds inside it. It’s very powdery as all bath bombs are and so as a result get’s everywhere so I probably shouldn’t be balancing it on my laptop like I am right now. It smells exactly like roses (both the buds and the actual bomb part) but also like a mixture of flowers, so it kind of smells like your sniffing a bouquet, which I have no problem with. According to the Lush Catalog this bath bomb is an ‘Enchanting Love Spell’ and ‘Concoct a love potion in your bath with rose and absolute and precious orris root’. So if you’ve got a date or just want to smell nice for yourself then I would defiantly recommend this bath bomb. Link: [x]


Now I really really love the smell of lemons so I was kind of hoping this bright yellow bath bomb that’s bigger than my hand would smell of them and it does a little. It smells like lemons, apples, sherbert and a mixture of other fruits, with I think cinnamon too. It’s a really strange combination of smells but it does smell really nice all together. According to the description it has ‘warming cinnamon leaf oil for explosive toffee-apple scented bath times’. Yummy. And I at least had some of it right. Link: [x]


DSCF8258_picnik Space Girl

Now I brought this bath bomb because c’mon look how pretty it is? It’s like a small blue planet with a large ring around the outside and red glitter on the top. It’s really pretty looking and some of the bombs had very little glitter where some had a lot, I of course chose the one that had the most glitter on it, because it looked pretty and why not? When I got home however for a while I couldn’t stand the smell of it and felt stupid for not smelling it in the store. I was slightly ill during that period of time however as I’m smelling it now I find it does actually smell nice. Sort of like grapefruit and almonds. Apparently it also has popping candy in it, which is of course always fun. Link: [x]

DSCF8285Sex Bomb

This bath bomb is again really really pretty. It’s a very large pink bath bomb with a purple and blue ring around the top and a small fake flower in the center. It smells a lot like jasmine, lavender and just flowers in general. According to the book the ‘sex bomb’ (strange name by the way) is ‘The essential bath with aphrodisiac jasmine absolute and softening soya milk’. That sounds very relaxing. Link [x]



DSCF8282_picnikMmmelting Marshmallow Moment

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this and I really do love anything marshmallow scented/flavoured so I was dying to try this. It’s not a bath bomb, like the other things I brought but rather a ‘Luxury Bath Melt’. According to the description it’s a ‘moisturizing marshmallow melt whipped up with cocoa butter and almond oil. Now I’ve never used a marshmallow melt before and it’s good a very strange feeling to it. It’s not powdery but it is sort of sticky to the touch. I’m excited to see what It’ll look like in the bath. It does smell really strongly of marshmallow however which is just fab. Link: [x]



DSCF8249_picnikIckle Baby Bot

Now this bath bomb is defiantly one of my new favourites. It’s a very small blue bath bomb in the shape of a happy robot. I absolutely adore anything lavender scented and this bomb smells strongly of lavender so I’ll defiantly be buying this again. According to the description the Ickle Baby Bot is a ‘Sleepy time soother’ (which I can totally see since smelling is making me sleepy alone) and it says that ‘Relaxing lavender and chamomile oils help your baby (and you!) get a good nights sleep. It’s so so nice, a little small for one big bath so you may need to buy more than one if you have a big bath but again so so nice. Link: [x]

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3 thoughts on “Lush haul!

    1. I love Baths! You could always buy one and take it with you next time you go on holiday/vaccation/a trip away from home if you don’t have a bathtub :) x

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