Revolution Vivid Baked Hightlighter

IMG_0133So since a lot of people seemed to like my random blush review I thought I’d start reviewing my collection of makeup. Now I’m used to reviewing beauty products, such as scrubs and shower gels but not really any sort of makeup so bare with me if the first few are really bad posts. Another thing is I’m currently attending college and get very little money to spend on myself so I won’t be reviewing any brand new products and because I’m against animal testing it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be using any products that are tested on animals.

Anyway this is a Vivid Baked highlighter from Revolution, which is a brand that I just discovered and that I absolutely love. The product is in the colour ‘Pink Lights’ and actually only cost me £2, which is amazing. Its a really light pinky-purpley highlighter and I was worried it would come out that colour on my skin, but it actually comes out a sort of shiny white. It’s really nice and actually does last a real long time. Like I’ve said before if you haven’t checked this brand out yet you really should, the products are amazing and notexpensive at all so if you’re young and don’t have a lot of money you should defiantly check out this brand.

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