Thinking about going Vegan?

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about going Vegan. Now that sentence either made you really happy or made you role your eyes and click away. Whatever, it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want. (Wow that sounded bitchier than I intended, my bad.) Anyway I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers lately, some Vegan, some Vegetarian. These youtubers have mostly consisted of Mamire Hart, Kalel Cullen and Niomi Smart.

Now I LOVE animals so much. Most of the time I love them more than people. Actually no that’s a lie I’ve pretty much always loved animals more than people. Anyway I’ve always loved the idea of maybe going Vegan or Vegetarian but I’ve always just imagined it would be eating bowls of salad everyday. I like salad but that doesn’t sound too exciting. Anyway Niomi has a blog and although she’s technically not a full Vegan (she uses eggs in some of her recipes) her recipes are so great and healthy and apart from the egg here and their they’re almost always Vegan. I’ve been dying to try some and I really like the looking of these Easter Treats, Chocolate Pancakes with Hot Blueberry and Healthy Chocolate Milkshake.

I love cooking and so I really do want to try learning to cook new meals, and since it would be nice to be healthy and loose weight I think learning some Vegan Recipes and eventually becoming Vegan would be a good thing for me. I already know I like almond milk so I’m not so worried about not drinking actual milk anymore (milk and white bread generally make me feel very ill anyway). Although if I go Vegan I’m probably going to miss Oreos, Eggs and Whipped Cream the most. I’ve been doing a lot of research and found some great websites with lots of nice vegan recipes that I can’t wait to try. This one is really good and even has a list of Vegan Starbucks Drinks which is handy, although I don’t really go to Starbucks anymore since I don’t have any money. Like ever. There’s also a Youtuber named FullyRawKristina who is a bit strange to watch because of her filming style and the fact she’s always smiling (in a sort of creepy Stepford Wives kind of way) but some of her recipes look quite tasty.

The only problem for me with going Vegan is that I live with my parents, who pretty much control what I eat. They also refuse to put me on a proper diet, as their idea of dieting is to stop eating ‘chocolate’ all the time, despite the fact I never eat chocolate as I usually feel sick after. Maybe I’ll go Vegan when I eventually move out, which hopefully should be within the next few years.

Anyway this was a random personal post I guess. If anyone knows any good vegan tips/groups/websites/recipes/blogs please comment them bellow or email them to me at, I’d love to read some more :)


3 thoughts on “Thinking about going Vegan?

  1. It’s hard to be vegan when your family doesn’t want to work with you. My family still think I’m dying of a protein deficiency and try to push meat on me, so I feel you there. There’s several ways you can sneakily be vegan. I hate to seem like I’m promoting myself in any way, but I’ll make this one exception. I have a vegetarian board on Pinterest that has a lot of vegan food too. A lot of the things I pin there are things even my meat-eating boyfriend love. Maybe you can get your family to try some of these recipes until they either come around to your lifestyle choice or you can at least get away with eating more vegan meals. Good luck!


    • That’s some good ideas. I’ve been trying to eat healthier anyway, doing things like eating fruits instead of things that contain milk and eggs and drinking soya milk. I’m having trouble with lunch though, since I normally take a sandwich I’m now having trouble finding food for lunch that’s vegan. If you know any Vegan lunch recipes that I can take in my bag to college that would be great. And yes thank you for the link it’s a great help :) xoxo

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      • Lunch was tricky for me too when I first started eating this way. Do you have a Pinterest account? If so, I have a board for vegetarian food that has a ton of vegan recipes easy enough for lunch. If not, there’s always jar salads and bento boxes. There’s a blogger who only does bento box posts. I can’t remember her name, but she just recently did a week of salwiches. That might help give you some ideas.


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