So now Glee is over…




So after 6 years Glee is finally over. Wow okay now let me cry. Normally I don’t like to post about TV shows too much, as I save that for my ‘fan’ tumblr account so I can fangirl and cry about fictional characters in peace, but today I really felt like putting an ‘official’ blog post up about it. Warning, this post contains spoilers for all 6 seasons of Glee including the final.

Anyway so I’ve been watching Glee for around 4 years. I didn’t watch the first two seasons of Glee when they first aired because the show looked really cheesy to me when I saw the trailers on TV. It wasn’t until my friend Scaley (That’s a nickname by the way, her real name isn’t actually Scaley) sent me a link to Santana and Brittany singing a song did I decide to start watching the show. I remember becoming very very addicted very fast. When I started watching Season 3 was just starting and I watched I think the first two seasons in like a week? I was extremely addicted.

Now it’s over. Yes I cried at the ending. It didn’t turn out how I wanted to exactly but they got at least 2 of my ‘ships’ (two characters who you see as a couple) right. Puck and Quinn were my main ship and they ended up together so there was that. Since the beginning of Glee I’ve had a big obsession with Dianna Agron who is defiantly one of my big idols. I just think she’s so beautiful, an amazing actress and I love her fashion sense. She left Glee after season 4 and came back occasionally as a guest star which was a change, since Quinn (The character she plays) was my favourite character, for a little while I went off Glee a little and wasn’t as dedicated as I was before.

My other favourite characters are probably Kitty, Kurt and Puck. Chris Colfer is amazing actor and Kurt, Quinn and Puck have been some of my favourite characters since the beginning. I hated Kitty when she first appeared on the show but I grew to love her, Becca Tobin is gorgeous and I love her fashion sense plus her voice is amazing. My ships on the show were Puck/Quinn, Marley/Jake, Santana/Brittany and Kitty/Artie. I got 2/2 ships. I was really happy Puck and Quinn and Santana and Brittany were together in the end but I never really liked Tina/Artie as a couple and so I was kind of disappointed they ended up together. Same with Marley and Jake who I loved a lot. Melissa Benoist (The amazing actress that plays Marley) wasn’t actually in the finale, I guess because she was filming her new TV series Supergirl, and I was kind of sad not to see her there. I love Melissa Benoist and Lea Michele as actresses but I never enjoyed their characters very much.

I thought the season finale was really a great episode and they gave all the characters really good endings. I did cry and I think I must’ve rewatched the last Glee performance ever (I Lived originally by One Republic) about a hundred times since then. I just think it was a really good song choice as the last performance. Anyway I’ve really enjoyed Glee throughout the years, and I’m going to miss it a lot. It’s a good thing it’s on Netflix as I can just go rewatch it all over again.

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2 thoughts on “So now Glee is over…

  1. Currently have the whole of the Season 6 soundtrack replaying haha, I’ve been hooked on Glee since season 1 but went off it a bit around Season 4/5 when they were more focused on the “newbies” & I didn’t really like it all that much because they were trying to hard to make them the old cast.. But being a fan I felt I couldn’t stop watching! When I knew it was coming to an end I thought I’d be 100% okay with it because I felt it should’ve ended at graduation, but then Season 6 came along & blew everything out of the water & I’m now hoping they’ll make a spin off of the new newbies! I cried at the last episode too, so much so that (& this is after reading about the last line being “I swear I lived”) I messaged my friend saying “They should’ve sang I Lived by OneRepublic” :| She was like… they did & I had to rewatch the episode! Gonna miss it…
    (also, how do you have it on Netflix?! I don’t have any Glee on mine D:)

    Emma |


    • I think everyone went off it a bit during 4/5 because there was such a big change in the storyline, a lot of characters left and almost all the main ships (Finchel, Quick, Britanna, Klaine etc) split up and loads of newbies were brought in. And I’m the sort of person that once they’ve been with a show for years has to stick with it (the only except being The Vampire Diaries and The Originals which I stopped watching after they put my favourite couple on two separate shows) so I watched it until the end. And I’m English but I have the American Netflix which you can access with a special code I believe. I know several places you can watch it online too which I sometimes use too xoxo


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