April Favourites

easter-bannerI actually struggled with this months favourites, which is weird since that never happens. I think it’s probably a lot to do with the fact my parents only give me 2o pounds a month, and that’s for lunches, going out and person buying. Basically it’s the only income I get. Yay.

tumblr_mezbp8QwLA1qmvpbro1_500  Blogger/Youtuber – Kalel Cullen

I’ve known who Kalel kind of was for a while. Well not really, I’ve simply seen her across Tumblr, simply known as ‘Anthony from Smosh’s girlfriend’. She seemed to get a lot of hate too. I don’t actually watch Smosh, although I know who they are I’m just not into parody channels. Kalel and Anthony recently broke up and it wasn’t actually until after they broke up did I start watching her channels. I don’t see why she get’s a lot of hate to be honest. She’s really beautiful, her body is to die for and she seems like a nice genuine person. She is also a vegan and seems to care a lot about animals/the environment. Sometimes she posts Vegan recipes and it honestly makes me want to be a vegan. I can’t right now because my parents control what I eat and would never let me but as soon as I eventually get the chance to move out I’ll defiantly be trying some of her vegan recipes. Anyway she mostly does Vlogs, which are always fun to watch but she also runs a blog. You should defiantly check her out here and here.

il_570xN.500579622_h14fBeauty – Dark Purple Lipstick

Lately I have been super into Dark Purple Lipstick. I probably shouldn’t been since my skin is so pale that Dark Purple Lipstick just washes me out more and makes me look more like a walking corpse. I’ve been experimenting with my look lately, and been wearing darker colours a lot more and Purple Lips are becoming a lot more popular so I’ve been wanting to try them out anyway. They do wash me out, quite a lot, especially since I’ve just died my hair back to dark brown but I’ve kinda got to the point where I’ve stopped caring. I don’t have a particular brand of lipstick (I would love to try NARS but unfortunately can’t afford to spend 40 pounds on a lipstick) but the one I’ve been using is the  Rimmel London Dark Night Lipstick that I talked about in my makeup haul. I usually wear it just under The Avon Color Trend Lip Gloss in Pucker, which goes really well together. If you haven’t yet I would defiantly recommend giving Purple Lipstick a try.

index  Music – Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

I love love love Lana Del Rey’s music a lot. I’ve had this album for a while now but only this month have I only really been listening to it properly. I love how she has such a light, mythical sort of voice, something I imagine a Siren or Mermaid would have in a Fantasy/Disney movie. My favourite song on this album is Black Beauty. The lyrics are very dark and to be a honest I’ve actually been inspired by it a lot and I’ve wrote a character into my story who’s heavily based on the song. All the songs on the album are pretty amazing and you should defiantly check it out.

Game – Minecraft X-BOX 1 EditionMinecraft-Xbox-One6

I’ve been addicted to minecraft since I was about 15 years old. I’ve always played the computer version but recently my Dad brought the version for xbox 1 and I have been addicted. I’ve been playing this almost everyday since and I’m really really addicted to it. Minecraft on the computer I find is a lot harder, in a lot of aspects like the controls and the fact you have to figure out how to do everything yourself. On the computer one I spend a lot of time building castles and villages and stuff but on this one I’ve been more involved in just messing around and doing random junk. It is super addicting though so be warned if you’re going to start playing it you will waist a lot of time on this game.

That’s kind of it for my favourites. It’s a small list but I tried to write as much as I could.

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