Soap & Glory Gift Set

Products 5This was another one of the gift sets I got for my birthday because apparently I smell so bad that everyone has to buy me bath sets. Or the more likely answer is my birthday is right after Christmas and everyone went cheap and brought me bath products that were in the sales. Not that I can really judge because honestly I would probably do the same. Anyway these all came in this lovely pink bag that is absolutely massive on the inside. It came with 6 products (one not pictured above) all in small bottles and I’ve tried all so I know I can give an honest review.

DSCF4764  The first product is the Scrub Of Your Life body scrub. It comes in a bright pink 50ml bottle with the soap and glory symbol and bright white and gold writing on it. The scrub itself is clear with very small sprinkles of pink in it. Unlike other scrubs this one is very soft on your skin. I’ve found that most scrubs are rough when you put them on but this one feels more like a gel than an actual scrub. It’s quite a sticky substance so I use this before using The Clean On Me shower gel so it’s not the last product I use on my skin before getting out the bath. It smells mostly of just plain lovely soap, but then again it is soap and Glory, so it would do.

DSCF4763The second product is the ‘Glad hair Day Ultra Shine Daily Shampoo’. It again comes in a bright pink bottle with gold writing. This one has has a black and white vintage picture of a woman washing her hair on it. I’ve always wondered whether they use real vintage photos on these bottles or if it’s a photoshoot made to look vintage. hm. Anyway I really really love this product. I don’t use it daily and it does kind of annoy me they didn’t include a conditioner in the set so I use this alongside Tresemme Conditioner normally. Anyway the product itself smells, so so so nice. When just smelling it from the bottle it doesn’t really smell of anything but once it’s on your hair and you’ve washed it in it smells so so good. Its hard to pinpoint the exact smell but it’s got a sort of fruity orange smell too it. Also the smell last for ages after so that’s always a bonus.

DSCF4769  The third product is the Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel. It comes in a really small clear bottle with silver stars on it and pink and white writing. The mixture itself is creamy white and smells exactly like Dove soap. You only need to use a little bit at a time as it lathers really really well and creates a lot of bubbles, which of course is always fun. I use this after the scrub and they seem to work well together. The smell seems to stay long after washing too which is always a good thing.


DSCF4761The fourth product is the heel genius foot cream. Now I don’t use foot creams very often, and I really should because my feet are probably in a really bad condition. Anyway nobody wants to hear about my feet (unless you have some sort of weird foot fetish. In which case you should probably get help asap) so moving on. Now this product is a bit weird. It comes in a pink bottle with the standard gold and white writing but is a bit different in this the cream inside is blue. I was expecting a white cream but nope the mixture is a nice light cyan creamy blue. It looks pretty but I must admit I’m not a fan of the smell. I can’t really describe what it smells like other than that it smells like feet. Yep feet. And I know it’s a foot cream and all but isn’t it supposed to make your feet smell better, and not more like feet?

DSCF4775  This product isn’t actually pictured by it did come in the set. It’s The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer. It comes in a small pink tub with a vintage looking black and white photograph of a woman printed on top. It’s a small tub of thick white cream. It smells sort of like Dove soap mixed with flowers, which is really lovely even though I described it weirdly. It feels really nice on my skin, and is a great follow up to the Clean On Me Moisture Shower Gel. Out of all the products, this is my favourite one and defiantly one I’ll buy a bigger tub off at one point.

DSCF4767I mentioned this before in my February favorites I believe (don’t hold me to that it might have been January). It’s a small tube of hand cream and as I like to wear hand cream a lot it’s actually as of late been my everyday hand cream. I quite like it, it does make your hands really soft and it does smell really nice. Kind of like scented soap with a slight flowery smell to it. I take this everywhere with me and usually put it on after using hand sanitizer. It covers up the smell nicely and makes your hands feel nice and smooth.

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