Paper Towns Book Review


I’ve been a little addicted to John Green books lately. I actually do read other books even if it does appear I only read John Green books, because in reality I read books that are usually part of a series and therefore I prefer to wait until I’ve read to the end of the series before I post any reviews. Anyway as always this review contains spoilers for Paper Towns by John Green.

I think out of the 3 John Green books I’ve read this may be my favourite. Just above looking for Alaska. First off I’m not a big fan of the whole putting the ‘popular but also different but still hot’ girl on a pedestal as a lot of books seem to do, but I do like how they addressed that issue towards the end of the book. I really like the more minor characters, such as Radar, Ben and Lacey as I think they added a lot of comedy to this book and made it funny. Quentin was also funny and entertaining at times and not actually as annoying as I’d been expecting him to be.

There’s actually a movie version coming out soon, if you want to watch the trailer for that you can click here. But as always I recommend you read the book first as it’s actually really good. Also the cover art for this is so pretty and nice looking. I’m always going to be a 100% paper book girl I think, no kindles for me!

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