Gorgeous by Gok Wan mini indulgence set

Products 2This giftset comes with 5 products, 2 in white bottles with gold writing and lids, 2 in bronze coloured bottles with gold writing and lids and one in a hot pink with gold writing it lids. The first item is the body wash which is a white gloopy liquid. It smells slightly of flowers mixed with soap which although sounds bad by the way I’m describing it actually smells really nice. It lathers really well too which I really like. The second product is a body lotion which is a white creamy. It’s slightly lumpy it first but it rubs into the skin quite well. It smells strongly of roses, which is quite a nice smell in my opinion. The third product is a shower scrub. It’s a clear scrub with small white foamy bits and small black beads. It smells like roses, like the others and is very soft on the skin, but is quite sticky so it’s probably good to follow this up with any sort of moisturiser or body lotion.

The fourth product is a bath essence, which is apparently a bubble bath. I’ve never used any sort of bath essence before and I have to say I was maybe a little disappointed with this. I don’t know if I’m being stupid but I was kind of expecting bubbles, and although it made the bath smell really really nice it didn’t create any sort of bubbles. Which yeah was a little disappointing. Also the liquid is very runny so don’t be an idiot and hold it downwards to smell it like I did as yes it does get everywhere. The last product which is my favourite product is the hand balm with Argan Oil. Now I’m obsessed with hand creams and I’m also obsessed with Argan Oil. I’ve only actually used it on my hair and it works amazingly on that but I’ve never had it as any sort of cream or moisturizer before. The smell is quite strong and again reminds me of roses. It doesn’t feel any different to any other hand cream either, but in a way I’m kind of glad as I was strongly hoping it wasn’t going to be oily.

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