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Just a little shopping list/wish list of things I’m really wanting to buy this summer. Some of isn’t necessarily stuff you would buy I guess, some of it is stuff I want to try or watch or am just generally excited for. My last wishlist which was for Spring was pretty much just clothing so I tried to add something in for every category this time just to change it up a little.

1. The first item on my summer wish list is the Lush Celestial Moisturizer. I already have 2 moisturizer I used daily (one in the morning and one before bed) but I’ve been wanting a Lush one for a while. Because it’s completely organic and the money goes towards stopping animal testing, which I am of course all for. I got a chance to test this product the other day and it of course smelt and felt amazing. It’s a little bit more pricey than I would usually pay for a beauty product but I feel it may be worth it.

2. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries and Sex and The City for a while now. If you haven’t read or scene either of those shoes/books you’ll know that Carrie is well known for drinking Cosmopolitan drinks a lot. Now I’ve always wanted to try them because of this. I am over 18 by the way which is the legal drinking age in the UK so I am allowed to drink. I’ve had the non alcoholic version and I really loved it but I really do want to try the proper version now of 18.

3. No I don’t want SprinkleOfGlitter aka Louise Pentland. Not wait that’s a lie I really do want Louise. Not as an object but as like a best friend or big sister. She’s hilarious and beautiful and seems like great company. Anyway she’s releasing a book soon which I am very very excited about. It comes out about a week before Marzia’s which I’ll also be buying. I normally don’t buy books when they’re first released as I like to wait for Christmas to buy loads and then spend the next year reading them. The only exceptions to this are Marzia Bisognin’s, Louise’s and Dan and Phil’s, as these are the only books I’m actually going to pre-order so I get them as soon as their released.

4. I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and blogs in general talking about the Real Technique Makeup Brushes. They’re a bit more expensive than I usually spend on makeup brushes, being around 10-15 pounds each. I may treat myself to one every now and then after I get some money, and hopefully eventually I’ll be able to collect the whole set without spending loads of money at once.

5. This one is a Pokemon game. Now if you don’t know me very well you should know I have 5 big game obsessions: Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Sims, Sonic and Pokemon. I still have the Gameboy Sapphire and Ruby games that I hold dear to my heart but I haven’t actually got around to playing the news ones yet (I rarely have enough money to buy games and my brother refuses to let me play his copies). So buying one of the new Pokemon games is defiantly something I want to invest in doing.

6. If you’ve read a few of my earlier posts you’ll know I’m trying to go Vegan. Not only because of the toxic meat industry but because it’s healthier and I’m trying to be happier about my body anyway. I choose this picture because I really want to find and purchase a good Vegan cookbook. I found a few Vegan recipes online but I still would like a physical cookbook. (even with cookbooks I’m a paper over kindle kind of person) I’ve looked online but haven’t found much information about which ones are good but hopefully I find one soon.

7.  Another Lush product now. This time it’s the Lush Brazened honey fresh face mask. I love face masks a lot. I usually wear them before going to a big event, like a party or on a date (who am I kidding that never happens). They just make your face feel so much softer and they clear away all that dead skin. Now at one point I was pretty sure I was allergic to honey, although now I know I’m defiantly not. The other week I was in Lush (my second home) and I found their Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask which smelt amazing. It’s a bit more pricey than I’d usually pay for a facemask (I usually buy the 1 pound packet ones from primark) and apparently you need to keep it refrigerated and even then it only lasts a month. This is a little disappointing as I only use facemasks maybe 3 times a month. If I do end up buying a face mask from Lush I’ll just have to buy a small one to ensure I don’t waist any.

8. The next product on my wish list is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Now I watch a lot of beauty gurus and read a lot of beauty blogs and they all say this is the absolute best concealer. Now I don’t really use concealer very much as it’s hard to find one that suits my skintone (corpse white) but I really should because I get quite bad circles under my eyes at times and blotchy skin around my hairline (nice little image for you their). So the collection lasting perfection concealer is defiantly something I should invest in buying.

9. I’ve read all 3 of the Divergent trilogy books. I was very addicted to the first one which in my opinion was the best (fourtris forever) the second was good too, the third one wasn’t the best. (Even though I read this last year before I started my blog I’m tempted to do a review of the series, should I?). Anyway the second move, Insurgent came out a month or 2 ago and because of a falling out with my only friend who had seen the first one I didn’t get to go see it, which made made me sad because I didn’t get the full cinema experience. So now I’m just waiting for it to come out onto DVD so I can watch it by myself alone in my room in the dark. (cries forever) (should I review it?)

10. I have this very strange red dry patch next to my right eye. I hate it a lot because it looks as if my makeup is smudged when it’s not. I’ve been looking online for solutions and I’ve been told using eye cream might help. Boots apparently has a really good one. They’ve also got a deal on at the moment where you can get any two creams for 6.99, so I may get the eye cream and a toner (I need a new toner and cleanser) to go with it.  I’m very very big on skincare lately and in my opinion it’s not a bad thing to be obsessed with.

11. This is a rose garland. I spend around 80% of my time in my bedroom and I like to make it look pretty and decorative. I never knew you could get these until I saw CutiePieMarzia (who is amazing/adorable by the way) talking about them in her haul video. They’re basically like the leaf garlands you wrap around staircases and stuff at christmas, except you can get just about any flower on them you want and you use them to decorate things all year long. I really want to get a rose one for wrapping around my curtain poll and the headboard of my bed, because I’m secretly a fairy and I miss living in the wild. No but really they’re super cute and I really want one.

12. Now I hate my stomach. So much. I have a problem with my body where my arms and legs are overall a good size but my stomach permanently sticks out to look like I’m pregnant. Yeah I hate this and because of this my stomach always has to be hidden and I can’t wear anything to tight. I do an okay job of this already by wearing high waisted jeans but if you know anything about me you’ll know I hate wearing any sort of jeans/trousers. I’m a skirt/dress girl at heart so I really want to purchase a Black high waisted skirt. Black goes with most things so it’s the best colour to choose and as summers coming up I really do want to start wearing skirts more often so this is defiantly something I will be investing in.

13. The last item is again something I’ve been wanting to try. It’s Almond Butter. I’ve seen it a lot in recipes lately, particularly vegan/vegetarian ones and apparently it’s good for you and full of protein. I like almonds a lot and lately I’ve been trying to eat more healthy so I really want to try this out and see if I like it or not.

Well that’s all. I hope I didn’t ramble on too much and you like everything I’ve said here. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to see.

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