May Favourites


I did this post last night as I forgot again which I’m extremely sorry about. Well I didn’t forget it was on my to do list just further towards the bottom. I’ve been extremely busy lately trying to finish up this animation project for college. College stresses me out a lot but I’ve just had a week off so I’ve been working a lot on the project so I can finish it asap and hopefully finish college early. Then I’ll have a lot more free time to do things like writer (I have so many books ideas I need to write up), work on my book, work on putting more blog posts out and just enjoying some free time. I’m also going on holiday in 4 weeks time so I need to prepare posts to go up for when I’m away on top of everything else. So yeah I’ve been super busy so without further ado.

Soundtrack_Cover This one is a bit odd as a lot of people aren’t probably going to relate to this, but I really enjoy listening to classical music, particularly movie scores. Yeah I know not a lot of people my age are really into this sort of music but I am. I won’t go to much into it but some of my favourite composers are Hanz Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Two Steps From Hell, James Newton Howard, Beethoven and Michael Suby. Maybe I’ll make a post about it someday, but basically it’s just sometimes I like to listen to music without any lyrics and classical music really helps with writing. Anyway if you don’t already know this year I have become obsessed with the mortal instruments. The movie wasn’t as bad as everyone said although I still wasn’t happy with a lot of it. I am however obsessed with the soundtrack which is by Atli Örvasson. It’s just got such a magical feel to the music, my favourite is ‘Your secret is safe’ which I have been playing non stop over and over. It’s just such a good tune and again music like this helps set the mood for writing difficult scenes.

bp-soy-milk-and-bean-curd-singapore-1bThis one is probably a bit strange and different as it is a food favourite. Lately I have been obsessed with soya milk. It comes I guess from the fact I am attempting to go fully Vegan, but because of living at home I can only switch some foods out for non Vegan foods as I think my parent’s would probably kill me if I started asking for them to buy my vegan food (due to some of it being expensive compared to non vegan) so I’ve been switching out just a few foods. One is sweetened soya milk, which I am in love with. It’s a lot sweeter than real milk and it tastes a lot nicer as well. I really love it and I’ll use it instead of milk with just about everything.

Pitch_Perfect_2_poster My next favourite is Pitch Perfect 2. Now honestly I got really sick of Pitch Perfect 2 because it was being played constantly everywhere. The music was everywhere, the jokes where being played over and over and the posters for it were everywhere. I loved the first movie but too much of something is bad. The only movie I can handle seeing around this much is Pirates of the Caribbean and that’s only because it’s my favourite movie series. I saw Pitch Perfect 2 last Tuesday along with two of my best friends, Katie and Jamie and I really really enjoyed it. The music was a lot better than the first one in my opinion and I enjoyed the jokes a lot more. I rarely like comedy movies but I really enjoyed this and I really loved Adam DeVine, I think he’s acting is amazing. Their was a scary tall blonde lady in it from the German team that scared me every time she was on screen but apart from that it was great. I also loved Anna and Brittany and Rebel as always they were fab. Yeah but all in all this was a really good movie and I can’t wait to rewatch it, so if you haven’t yet I would recommend you watch it asap.

My next favourite is a beauty product and it’s actually something I talked 10169555about in my summer wish list which I believe went up last Thursday? Although I’m not 100% sure so don’t hold me to that. Anyway it’s the collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer in the lightest shade. Everybody is always saying this is the best concealer and honestly I have to agree. This concealer works very well in covering up spots and blemishes and also does well with covering up dark circles under my eyes. I use this after my foundation and under my powder and even though it is lighter than my foundation the two still do work really well together.

81U+M1yrPPL._SL1418_ Another probably not interesting fact about me is that I love Pokemon games a lot. Now I grew up playing the ruby and sapphire ones on gameboy and I loved them a lot. My favourite Pokemon still to this day are the Evie evolutions and Gyarados. Anyway I played Pokepark wii 1 last year and I loved it so I got given PokePark Wii 2 for Christmas. It’s more for kids if I’m honest but it’s just such a cute relaxed game to play that I just adore it. If you don’t like games you might still like this again it’s just so relaxed and it really reminds me of an animal crossing sort of game, which I also love a lot.

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