Fearne Cotton Beauty Box

Products 7Another gift set I got for my birthday was the Fearne Cotton (love her btw) Beauty Box. The actual box itself is absolutely beautiful. Its outside is completely dark blue with a gold triangle/star sort of pattern on the top and sides. The draw itself pulls out and has a sort of really beauty multicolored quartz design on it. If you click the link provided above it really does give a much better image than what I’m describing. I quite spacious inside too, and I’m now using it to hold all my body butters and face masks in. Anyway because I’m an idiot I forgot to take individual pictures of the products so I’m just going to explain the picture I took of the free main bottles.

Two of the products come in little cyan bottles with little gold line patterns across them and the other is white with the same pattern. Although all these bottles are really very small there is actually quite a lot in the bottles. The first product is a body polish, which I had thought would of been a cream or a gel, but in fact its more of a scrub. It’s a white clumpy spread with small black beads in it. It smell nice and isn’t rough on the skin so it’s quite a good product. The second product is a hand cream which has a really really nice smell. Like I said their seems to actually be a lot inside each of these bottles which I always like. When I run out of my current hand cream I’ll most defiantly be switching to this one. The third bottle is a body wash. It’s a light clear gel and the scent itself reminds me of roses. It’s quite a strong smell too and it lingers on you for a long time after.

Products 8  This one I actually remembered to take a picture off. Yay me. It’s a very small circular white tub with the same gold star pattern on top with a large glittery blue moon on it. It’s quite pretty and the tub itself is perfect storage size. The cream inside is like a dark peach colour. It’s very very thick and although it clumps together when you scoop it out it does apply softly and evenly when you rub it on your skin. It’s probably my favourite product next to the hand cream. But overall I probably like this box the most out of all the beauty boxes I got for my birthday.

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