June Favourites


So Junes over already! Well actually no it’s not because I’m writing this post at 2am on the 18th of June because when this post actually goes up, on the 2nd of June I’ll be on holiday! No where special, just a family holiday to Spain, which I guess to some people sounds amazing but for me it’s not, 1 because I’ve been Spain 7 times and I no longer get any excitement from going their and also I have a terrible phobia of planes so that completely sucks especially for someone who loves traveling. Anyway, ignoring me complaining, here are my June Favourites :)

nakd-crunchI have been trying to go Vegan for a while now. I’m going slow with the process and I’ve recently been trying to find replacements for snack food, as almost all snack food has eggs or milk in it. I recently discovered this brand called Nakd and I am obsessed. I’ve only had the chance to try the Nakd Bars and the Nakd Bits so far but they’re really good. They’re 100 Vegan%, Gluten Free and are made from just nuts and raisins, although you wouldn’t know that from the taste. A lot of products are also wheat and sugar free so if you can’t those ingredients I would definitely give these a try. I really want to write a post soon were I review all the vegan snack food I’ve been eating lately so expect these to be involved and also high up on the list. You can find more about Nakd here.

tumblr_ngl4ijSnmX1tf8kudo1_400The next is an iPod/iPad/iPhone App called Line Play. I saw Kalel Cullen playing with it in a video and was interested so decided to download it and I have become quite addicted. It’s just a really cute, simple, calming game where you have a little person and you earn money and decorate your house and buy clothes and talk to others and play mini games. It’s just all nice and peaceful. It reminds me a lot of animal crossing which I also love to play. Everyone I’ve met on the game has been really nice too. So if you’re into really cute second life games I would recommend this app greatly. Link.

unnamedPinterest is the third thing on my favourites list. I’ve had it for ages but never really started using it until this month. I find it’s really great for finding good guides tutorials and pictures of things. So far this month I’ve been using it to get pictures of clothes for a new post project I’m wanting to do, and it’s been really helpful with finding good quality images. It’s also really simple and easy to use and I love organizations and this site is very organized which makes me happy. Anyway you can check that out here. And if you want to follow me on it you can here.96040638-1_2

The last thing on my list is a beauty product and it’s the Face Form Light Contour Palette from Sleek. I’ve been using it almost everyday lately and I love it. I have a very round face and little to no cheek bones at all so I use this to shape my face and it works really well. I’ve almost used all the highlighter as I find the only downside to it is that it’s not very bright so a lot of it is required to get it to show up. Apart from that I’ve really been enjoying this product this month.

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