Taking a break from posting

So I haven’t posted for a while, and usually a write up all my posts at the beginning of the month and then schedule them to go up throughout, but I’ve been very ill lately, I’ve been ill in hospital with an ear infection, which made me temporarily loose my hearing on one side. It also made my face swell up so that chewing and swallowing food hurt a lot and the drugs I’ve been on have made me really sleepy so when I’m not in agonizing pain I’ve been asleep. So yeah that’s been fun for me.

Anyway so I’ve not had to time to post anything and honestly looking at my drafts I don’t really want too. Almost all my posts are you reviews are products which aren’t really that fun to do. When I first started posting I noticed reviews got 10x more likes than the posts where I got to write a lot and the posts I actually liked doing. And like a little publicity robot I continued writing reviews because I knew that people liked them.

But of course now I’m bored of writing reviews. I’m taking a little break from blogging. Now by a break I mean I’m going to try and post at least once a month and who knows I might post a review if I really like a product, but I won’t be posting 2 reviews every week like I normally do. I really want to start writing better posts, like shopping hauls and life updates, I want to talk about my goals and plans and what’s going on with me and maybe tutorials and recipes and just general things over than reviews. So I’m going to take sometime off and hopefully by the time I’m going to uni (September) I’ll have some pre written posts to go up whilst I’m not here <3


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