Places I want to go (Part 1)

BeFunky Collage

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now haven’t really had the time to talk about it until now. I was very reluctant to post this for a little while because It’s a bit different too my usual posts but then again lately a lot of my posts have been more personal and about stuff that I’m doing or want to do so it’s not really that different. Anyway back to the post at hand, I’ve always wanted to travel the world. Bit cliche I know, but I love learning about history and cultures and learning about amazing places and so for years I’ve been noting down places I want to go and things I want to see. I thought I’d make an account of 16 places I want to go. These aren’t all the places I want to go, just 16 was the amount I could fit into one collage. I should mention I’m going to go left to right down each row of thage as I talk about each photo pictures. Anyway without further ado..

1. The first destination on my list is Paris. I have wanted to go Paris for so long and a lot of my friends have been over the years on school trips (I could never really afford to go on them) but I never got to go. Luckily I now have the money to go and am most likely going to be booking a trip to Paris next year with my best friends Drew and Katie, whom I’ve now known for 7/8 years. I am so so excited to go and I’ve been researching a lot to find out where’s the best place to stay and what to see. I known I defiantly want to see the Eiffel Wower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc De Triomphe. I would also love to see the catacombs but I don’t think my friends would be as interested in looking at skulls as I am. They’re not quite as weird as me. I’m only going here for 4 days (Friday morning to Monday night) and I’m hoping I’ll like it and get to see the majority of what I want to. If I like it a lot I may plan a longer trip their in the future.

2. The second destination is New York. Now for years now I’ve been very very obsessed with New York. I think it came from when I was a very young teenager, I’m talking 13/14 and I became obsessed with Gossip Girl. I can’t explain exactly who obsessed I was with this (maybe one day I’ll do a blog post on it) but I was literally so obsessed that I changed my hole wardrobe and attitude to be more like Blair Waldorf. I even downloaded the same ringtone as hers. Anyway that’s a post for another day. Shows like Gossip Girl, Sex in the City, Friends, The Carrie Diaries and others meant I saw a lot of New York on TV despite that I’ve never actually been there. I’ve always found it such a glamorous place (I know people who live their will disagree with that statement but everyone says that about their hometown) and I really really want to go their. For a very long time I had dreamed off moving their, after uni. After university I’m hoping I’ll have at least one book published and then I can go to all these destinations and who knows, maybe I’ll end up living in New York. As for the length of the trip I think I’d like to go their for 2 weeks. Which will obviously cost a lot of money, and I think it’s around a 6 hour or something flight which is of course a long flight, especially for someone who has a fear of flying. But of course I’ll have to get over it if I want to experience New York.

3. The third destination is California. This would probably be one of the most expensive destinations on my trip and also the longest, as it’s a 10 hour flight. This would probably be one of the last destinations on my trip (if I go by plane rather than road trip, more on that later) as it’s such a huge place (I believe it’s actually bigger than the whole of the UK put together) and I want to go to many places there, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, Malibu, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. And of course theirs so much their to do and see and explore I think it would have to be a really long trip in order to see it all and cost a lot of money to do all the stuff I want to do. I think I’d like to go their for at least 4 weeks so I have time to enjoy myself and see everything, and if I run out of things to do I can just relax and get very very tan whilst I’m their. And also eat a lot of Reese’s because that’s my favourite type of chocolate and it’s hard to get it in the UK.

4. The 4th one is Venice, which if you don’t know is a city in Italy. It’s basically a city that is connected by rivers. It’s featured a lot in rom coms and romance novels in general as apparently being serenaded on a boat with your loved one is something a lot of women dream of doing. Not gonna lie I think it would be romantic but since I am apparently the devil to most men and haven’t had a boyfriend and years and probably won’t for another decade it’ll most likely be me and Drew or Katie sitting in a boat eating lots of Italian food and rocking out to David Bowie. Kind of ruins the mood a bit I guess? Damn me being the single one out of my friends. Anyway yes it looks like a really amazing place to visit and I’m dying to go their. There’s also this really little island of the cost of Venice called Poveglia I believe, that is supposed to be haunted. Now if you know anything about me is that I love haunted, spooky and paranormal things. So of course how can I not go to a spooky haunted island that used to be a mental hospital. Yes I’m weird but I want to go to Venice for both the lovely old romantic city and the creepy haunted island. I think I’d like to spend maybe a week, a week and half or maybe 2 weeks in Venice. I don’t know if that’s a long time (2 weeks) but I’m more worried about running out of time. I’d rather have one week of adventure and one week of lazing around and getting tan (Venice is hot right?) then just constant worry about running out of time and not getting to do everything I want to do.

5. The first picture on the second row is Egypt. Another thing I have been very interested in since I was young. Out of every historical topic we learned about over the years in school Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece are probably my favourites. I was extremely excited when I saw mummies and coffins at the Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum and honestly if I weren’t an aspiring writer/actress/director (whatever it is I am, I don’t even know anymore) I’d want to be an archaeologist. Anyway I really badly want to go their and explore the pyramids and of course all the tombs and the sphinx (I’m just no realising what a weird name that is). My parents however are not so keen on the idea of me going their, due to all the stuff going on and how dangerous it is. Hopefully by the time I go their it won’t be as dangerous. I think I’d go here for a week, or a few days and the pyramids is really the only thing I want to see. Well maybe the nile and some wild animals too.

6. Next is Brazil/Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is a place I actually haven’t been dreaming of for years but I have wanted to go their for quite a while. I have however been obsessed with Aztecs and the idea of the rainforest for a long time. I have to say I am extremely scared of going to the rainforest. Scared I might get malaria and that I might be poisoned or die from something dangerous or ya know get eaten by something. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.  I would also love to go Rio and see the carnival which honestly looks amazing. I also really want to see the giant statue their, which I believe is called Christ the Redeemer (thanks Google) and a football game. I’m not really into football that much but i feel as if going to Brazil it’s traditional. Plus I think my Dad would kill me if I didn’t. I think I would probably got here for 2 weeks at least, so I can have the time to get through anything. I think if I have time left I’ll probably just spend it getting tan, swimming and of course eating lots of yummy food!

7. The next destination is China. Now I’m a little meh about going to China because I heard it’s quite a dangerous place and also I really don’t like how they treat animals their at all. I would love to go their to see the culture and the great wall though. I love the idea of seeing all the really old traditional Chinese buildings and learning more about the culture, and of course eating all the food. Because who doesn’t like Chinese food? If I went I’d maybe go for a week or two. I’m not sure what the weather is like their but I hope it’s not too bad. Then again although this is somewhere I really want to go unless they change their laws about animal testing being compulsory I probably won’t go.

8. The next destination is Las Vegas/Nevada. I think Vegas is probably something everyone needs to enjoy in their lives. I’m not one really for gambling, but I do love to party. This is defiantly somewhere me and my friend Katie need to go. Katie is a huge party animal and I think we’d be great partying their together. I’d also love to visit the extraterrestrial highway, which is a road going through the Neveda desert where a lot of alien activity is said to have taken place. There also the mysterious case of the black mailbox which I really would like to see. Yeah I’m big on paranormal stuff. So the agenda here would defiantly be a mixture of partying and aliens. Maybe a little gambling. I don’t think I can go to Las Vegas and not gamble. I think I’d like to go here maybe for a week, week and a half? I don’t want to drink too much but I do want to have fun. I’d think I’d go here with a big group of friends to make it more fun and hope I don’t get drunk married to any of them.

9. Now I love history a lot so Greece has to be somewhere I want to visit. Like I’ve said before I’m a huge history nerd and Greece is full of old ruins and places that have been touched by history so I definitely want to go here and explore them all. I’ve been researching a lot and Athens looks to be the best place to start off as there’s quite a few temples their, like the temple of Hephaestus, the temple of poseidon and the temple of Olympian Zeus. There’s also a few others I can’t pronounce the names off. I just love history a lot and think it’d be really exciting to travel to a location like this and learn a lot about the history of the temples and the goods. Of course theirs other things I’d like to do as well, like eat a lot of yummy greek food and visit the offshore greek islands. I think I’d probably be here for two weeks as this seems like the sort of place I’d want to do a week of exploring and then a week of relaxing.

10. Australia is a place I really want to go. I’m pretty much terrified of big birds, spiders and alligators though and I hate being too hot so it’s probably a poor choice. I do really want to see the sydney opera house although I’m not really into opera, but I still would love to see a show there. I’d also of course love to see some Australian animals that I can’t see anywhere else. Even though I’m not a fan of zoo’s due to how a lot of animals are trapped in them I would rather go to a nature reserve or safari than actually going and finding the animals in the wild because I think I would probably die. I’d also love to see Uluru which is a large sandstone rock I believe near the desert? Don’t hold me too that but I remember when I was young we learnt about it a lot when we were learning about stand stone. I don’t remember anything about sandstone over than that I don’t ever really use it in minecraft but I do remember that I really want to go see it. There’s also apparently aboriginal rock art on it and as you know I’m a huge history nerd so I would love to see it. It’s a really long flight from England to Australia so I’d probably be staying here for around 2 weeks in order to really make the flight worth it.

11. Rome is the next one. If can’t already tell from my other posts I am a huge history nerd. I love learning about all kinds of different history, particularly anything about mythology or gods from other cultures and the beliefs of other cultures. I just find it so interesting and compelling to learn how other people used to live and what they believed/believe in. And Rome has so many amazing temples and museums that I feel I could learn a lot from. Like I’ve been to a few museums around London and they have a lot of Roman stuff but I think being actually in Rome and seeing more would just make the experience so much better.

12. Tokyo is another location. I just think it looks like a great place to visit, it’s so different and unique to a lot of places in Europe. I also really like some anime which I know is quite big in Japan, so of course being around and learning more about how it’s created and why it’s so big there would be amazing. I’m pretty sure (like 90%) that the Studio Ghibli museum is in Tokyo too and I absolutely adore Studio Ghibli films (Spirited Away is my favourite) so I’d defiantly want to go there. I’ve seen a lot of videos and pictures of Tokyo and whilst some of it is a bit strange and odd to me it’s still somewhere I would love to go.

13. The next one is Scotland. May think that’s a bit weird but if you know me you’ll know I am quite weird. I really love paranormal things and since I was a child I’ve loved looking at information about the loch ness monster. Now I don’t think I’m actually going to go see the loch ness monster just casually floating above the lake but I’d still like to go experience the lake where he’s been spotted many times. There’s also lots of old castles like edinburgh castle in scotland so I definitely want to explore those, as I’m a giant fan of history. I’ve heard scotland is very cold though so I’ll probably only be their for a week.

14. Hawaii is the next one. I like the idea of going to Hawaii because it’s such a remote location and it just looks like the perfect escape. I’d love to just go there to escape for a week or two and soak up the sun. I would love to visit the pearl harbour memorial though as even though I don’t know a lot about what went on there (we didn’t learn much about that side of the war when I was in school) I feel like I should educate myself in order to get the full experience and of course pay my respects. Iolani Palace also looks like a pretty amazing place to visit and it’s apparently haunted, and if you know my you’ll know I love creepy paranormal things so this is defiantly something I have to see for myself.

15. I don’t really have a reason for wanting to Chicago other than from what I’ve seen of it looks really cool. I’ve always wanted to write a story based in Chicago so going there and actually experiencing it for myself would really help with my writing. So yeah this part of the post is not nearlly as detailed as the other but it’s still a place I am dying to go one day.

16. If you know anything about me you’ll know my favourite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. I absolutely adore the movies, characters, actors, soundtrack and everything about them to pieces. So of course the Caribbean has go to be on that list. I’m not sure where exactly I want to go in the Caribbean, as it all seems pretty great but I have to visit some of the locations mentioned in the movies, like Tortuga, Petit Tabac and Port Royal. Of course I’m not expecting so see pirates and old wooden ships floating around and I know everything will be very modern and normal but I still want to experience the environment. There’s other places I’d like to go too also, like Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico and St. Lucia. I know it would obviously take a long time to get to fully experience all these locations and get to see everything so I’d think I’d be here for quite a while, maybe a month and half or two months? I would really love to maybe reach one island on a plane and then go to the others via a ship. I love the sea and I really hate flying so it seems like the better and more fun option.

Anyway that’s all the places I want to go at this moment in time. I have another list but I could only fit 16 into this collage so I decided to just focus on the big ones for now. I defiantly want to do a part 2 to this post at one point but for now I’m just going to leave you with this :) Like and follow if you enjoyed <3



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    • Thanks! I would love to live there one day! Was it difficult living their? how did it compare to where you used to live? I live just outside London and so I’m used to busy cities but I do wonder how NYC compares!

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      • I grew up around Boston, and have found NY to be a little more busy and hectic… Everyone seems to be doing interesting things, but no one has time to get together unless it’s really late at night!


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