lllklkSo I recently did a big shopping trip with my best friend Elouise as I needed to get some stuff for when I go to uni and was also running low on some other things. I went to a lot of shops, most of which I didn’t actually buy anything thing from. I did however buy stuff from Primark, New Look, Boots, Select and The Works. So without further ado here’s my haul.

Single 1

The first shop I went to was Select and I actually only got one thing from there, it’s this Pale Pink Tote bag. In this picture and all the other I took the colour came out white for some reason although in reality it’s actually a light pale pink. It’s a very large bag with two handles and two zips down the front. There’ a large pocket in front and the inside of the bag has another small zipped up pocket in it. I got this for £14.99 and it was originally priced at £15.99 as I got it in the sale. And I know it’s a bit silly for them to reduce something by one pound and call it a sale, even if it is technically still a sale. Still I love it and I would’ve brought it either way. I couldn’t find this exact bag on the website but I did find the same bag in black which you can find here.

Ribbet collage 6

The second shop I went to was Primark and one of the first things I picked up was this little contact lenses case holder. If you don’t already know, which you probably don’t see I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it on here, I have to swear glasses or contact lenses to see. Whenever I’m staying over someones house I always remember to grab my glasses case but forget about my contacts case and usually don’t remember till the last second as it’s so small and doesn’t stick out. This is simply a small black and white polka dot case, lined inside with pink with a little mirror. It comes with a black and pink contact case. This is perfect for someone who’s really clumsy and forgetful and it’s just generally a handy thing to keep your contacts in so you don’t loose them, or so if they leak they don’t leak all over your bag.

Ribbet collage 4Primark sell lots of little candles and I never really stop and smell them because they’re usually near the checkout and I’m getting rushed through the line too quickly to really stop and smell them. Luckily I managed to actually check them out this time and of course being obsessed with anything and everything coconut I picked up this little Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Scented Candle. Both the scent are very strong in this candle and it’s weird being able to smell both at once without one overpowering the other. This candle is supposed to last for 12 hours which I’m not sure is true because candles never really last as long as they say but we shall see. This was also a good deal as it only cost me a pound.

Ribbet collage 5Now Primark isn’t really known for it’s food items, but they sometimes have snack items and so I picked up these two. The first is Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Coconut Chips and the second is 100% Pure Coconut Water. Now I’ve had the plain Coconut Chips before and they’re so good, but I’ve never had the dark chocolate covered ones although I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate so I’m sure I’m going to love them just as much as the normal ones. It’s Vegan and Gluten free and coconut chips are just so so good that I just know that I’m going to love them. As for coconut water I’ve only had it once and I absolutely hated it however I know how good coconut water is for you so I’ve been shopping around trying to find a good brand that I actually like the taste of, and thought I would try this one. Hopefully I do actually enjoy this one and the dark chocolate chips because these cost only a pound each and that little amount of money for good food is something I could defiantly get used to.

Single 2The next thing I got was a small compact mirror. I needed a new one because the old one I was using unfortunately snapped in the middle. This is really small and convenient for carrying around in your pocket or purse or bag and features a pretty little red white and blue design of little things associated with London on it, like teacups, red buses, umbrellas and crowns. I’m not that obsessed with London because I’ve been there a lot but it is a beautiful city and I just found the design to be really pretty. Plus it was only £1 so it’s a good deal.

Ribbet collage 1I got another bag, this time from Primark. It’s really similar to the first one I got from Select. The material on this one is a little thicker and harder than the first bag and this has small gold beads on the bottom to help it stand up by itself. As you can see black and white with a large pocket on the front that opens via a gold coloured push button. The inside of is very big and it comes with a long adjustable black strap that you can clip on to either end of the bag if you want to turn it into a shoulder bag which is always handy. It also costs 12 pounds which I thought was quite good because it feels like quite good quality, but then again it may not last very long without breaking. Well only time will tell. Like the first bag mentioned these bags are for uni as I need quite a lot of room to hold things like my books and my lunch and all the other bits and bobs I carry around with me everyday. I know I don’t really need two but hey I like to mix and match my outfits, including accessories.

Ribbet collage

I also got a new pillow from the homeware section of Primark. I love Primarks home section because everything their is just so pretty and cute and none of it is really that expensive. I picked up this cat pillow. It’s super adorable, it’s grey with a teal green and light pink triangle pattern on it. One side has a black cat in the center and the other a white cat. I just though this was a really really adorable cute pillow and as I needed a new one and it was so cheap (5 pounds) I had to get it. It also has a matching bed spread that I’m defiantly going to go back and get at some point.

Ribbet collage 2The last thing I got from Primark is this small cat makeup bag. It’s a pale pink colour which again is showing up white in the picture. It has two cat ears sticking out of the top and has a cat picture on the front. I just think this is so so cute and adorable. I needed a new makeup bag and pencil case for college, as my makeup bag I use at home is really big as is my pencil case so having both in my bag would just be an inconvenience not to mention I really don’t need all my makeup and pencils on me at all times. So this one, which i quite spacious I’m going to use to store my pens and my makeup and other stuff like hand cream and sanitary products. It also has a little but deep zipped up pocket inside for just that bit of extra storage. This cost £3.00.

Ribbet collage 7The next shop I went to was Boots, where I got this Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray. Now Boots Extracts do a range of smells, usually they have Coconut, Strawberry, Mango, Coco and Orange. I wanted the Coconut version of this but they didn’t have it so I choose this one instead which is equally as nice. It smells like really really sweet strawberries and it’s a really strong amazing smell that lasts a long time. It’s also made of fair trade ingredients which is always good. The bottle is really pretty too, nice and bright an a good size, big enough to contain a lot of liquid but small enough to fit in a bag without taking up a lot of room. This bottle is 150ml and it cost me £3.50. It’s a little more than I usually spend on body sprays but I think this time it was defiantly worth it.

Ribbet collage 3I only got one other thing from Boots and it’s the Boots Extracts Tropical Coconut Body Scrub. I rtan out of my old scrub and I’ve been meaning to buy a new one for ages so I picked up this one because of course as you know I love anything and anything that tastes like and smells like Coconuts. The liquid inside is a really creamy beige coloured mixture with small dark brown beads in it. Unlike most scrubs the mixture of this one is a lot more creamy than they usually are, as I often find most scrubs are quite thick and hard where this one is quite liquidy, almost like a really thick yogurt or cake mixture. Still it is really soft and smells divine. Again all ingredients are fair trade and it cost £6.50 which is quite a lot. But it comes in a 400ml tub so you get quite a lot for the price which in my opinion makes it worth it.

Ribbet collageI went to a shop called The Works, which is a quite small but cheap book and stationery shop. As someone who loves both books and stationery It’s defiantly become one of my favourite shops. I needed new stationery for university so I headed there where I picked up these two notepads. The one on the far right is just a plain simple hot pink ring binder notepad. It has a drawing of a glass slipper on the front followed by the quote ‘Cinderella… proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.’ It’s nothing that special but for college it’ll do and it was 8 pounds reduced to 2 pounds which is a good price. The other pad which can be seen in the first 3 pictures above is my favourite of the two. It’s a small sticky notes Memo Folder. It’s super cute as it has a mint green and white polka dot design all over. It comes with 7 decorated sticky note pads, a list pad and a pen. The pen is blue which sucks because I hate writing with blue. The notes themselves however are super adorable, some have lines on them, some are polka dots and most of them have little cute pink flowers on them.  This cost me 3 pounds. It’s just so cute and I think I know I’m defiantly going to be using this a lot.

Ribbet collage 3The last shop I went to was New Look. I picked up these two skirts in there. They’re almost identical, both extremely soft skater skirts. One is a dark blue with daisy’s on it and the other a dark yellow with daisy’s on it. They’re both so so pretty and I love floral designs so I love these a lot. I got these both in the sale, each was originally priced at £12.99 reduced to £6.00, so I got both for £6.00, which in my opinion was a really good deal. I know these are more summer skirts but I think I can probably try and find a way to style them in autumn. Or at least try.

Ribbet collage 1The last thing I got was this really beautiful pink and white butterfly print dress from New Look. It’s really gorgeous and the fabric is so soft. It’s a little bit too big for me but luckily has a belt that ties up round the back to hold in the waste so it’s not too big that I can’t wear it. This was I think originally £25.99 but because it was in the sale I got it for 10 pounds, which I thought was a really good deal for such a nice dress. It has a zip up the back and even though it’s more of a summer dress I’ll probably wear this all year round because it’s just too pretty not too.

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