Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon Game Review


So I recently got around to playing Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3Ds. Now I played the first one when I was a kid a lot and actually replayed the whole game last year and really enjoyed it. I only got around to playing the second one this year because I didn’t get a 3Ds until this year (it was a birthday present) and I played it on and off for about a month and half, mostly on the plane too and from my family holiday.

Anyway I did enjoy this game although I’ll admit not as much as the first one. In the first game you pretty much just play it all the way through as one big mission. There’s also hardly ever anyone telling you what to do and you have to figure out what to do next by yourself. Whereas in the second one you’re basically always told what to do, how to do it and where to go. And instead of it being one big mission it’s small individual missions that you play one at a time.

I guess if you like being told what to do it’s a good game for you but I personally like the games where you generally have to figure it all out yourself, so that was a downside to this game for me. The ghosts were also different in this game, as in the first one the ghosts more resembled people and after catching them we find out how they died, where as in this game they all resemble coloured blobs and as far as we’re told where never people and have always just been ghosts. I will admit the ghost dog was super cute and I much preffered him to the ghost bull dog thing from the first game.

This game was really rather easy, the only hard bit being some of the bosses and the gem collection. I’m one of those annoying people who when they play a game they have to complete it all too 100%, which meant doing things such as catching ever single boo and collecting every single gem, both of which I did even though the gems were really hard to find at times. The first few bosses were fairly easy, the hardest in my opinion being the secret mine boss, who frustrated me so much I wanted to toss the game into a blender. The final boss, King Boo was also a little frustrating but quite easy to beat once you knew how.

Overall the game was good but not that as challenging or puzzling as the last one, but then again this is a kids game so it is expected. Rating: 7/10

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2 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon Game Review

  1. Good review. I was a big fan of Luigi’s Mansion back in the day. How is the length of the sequel? I felt the first Luigi’s Mansion was too short, however extremely fun. I will wait to borrow this one from a friend to give it a chance haha. I also like freelance games. I recently did a review for Fallout 4. Would you review and like it also? Thanks :).


    • I felt the length was really really short compared to the first. It might’ve been the fact that there’s so much help in this game you don’t have to figure out clues like the first one, but it seemed pretty short. And I’ll check out your blog although I’ve never played fallout 4 haha

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