Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden White Lily and Damask Rose Gift Set

Sanctuary Creams

So a while ago I got this white Lily and Damask Rose Gift Set. I got it in the sales quite a long time ago, it cost I think 8 pounds, reduced from around £15 I believe. It came with a big tub of luxury bubble bath too, which would’ve been 10 pounds on it’s own, so it was a really good deal. I may or may not be reviewing that in a separate post, since it isn’t part of this set I’ve decided to keep them seperate. Anyway this set consist of 3 products, a body lotion, a body wash and a body scrub. It comes in a beautiful tall dark pink box, decorated with flowers a soft orange bow on top. It’s big enough to fit all 3 products in so it’s quite a big box and a really pretty storage box for after you’ve used up all the products inside.

Onto the products themselves, the first one is the white lily and damask rose body wash, which comes in a clear 250ml bottle with a white lid. The liquid is light purple colour and it lathers really really well. From smelling it I can say it really does have a lily and a dusty rose sort of smell. It’s really comforting and relaxing. I find after using this the smell lingers even after washing it off which I love. The body lotion which is also white lily and damask rose is practically the same as the body wash, as it smells like lily’s and dusty roses and the smell lasts ages. Of course the lotion itself is a creamy white and it has such a nice texture to it. Again it’s a really strong smell and lasts ages, but it also makes your skin feel amazingly soft. I sometimes use this on my legs after shaving and it works wonders!

The last product is the white lily and damask rose body scrub, which comes in a tiny 50ml tube. To be honest I was a little disappointed by the quantity of this product. The first two bottles were filled to the brim with the liquids but this one was only half filled, not sure if that was a mistake or if they only give you 25mls worth in a 50ml tube but I was a bit disappointed as it’s only enough to use a few times without running out of it. The liquid itself however has a very runny consistency with very tiny black beads in it. It’s not rough like most scrubs and is very soft and gentle on the skin.

Overall I’d give this product a 8/10. Whilst the scrub was a little disappointing, I was amazed at the quality of the other products for such a cheap product, so I think it deserves a rather high score.

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