Till it happens to you

So I don’t normally post Youtube or music videos onto my blog but I feel like this video is worth sharing. It’s the music video for Till it happens to you by Lady Gaga which was written for the documentary The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary about rape on college campuses. The video, although quite graphic and detailed really does show the grim reality of rape and how it affects all kinds of people. I absolutely adore Lady Gaga and have done since I first heard Poker face on the radio years ago, and I love it when famous people use their money and fame to actually speak out about serious issues and make a change (Taylor Swift is an amazing example).

I really recommend you watch this video and buy the song on itunes. I rarely buy songs but I did buy this one because a part of the retail sales are donated to organizations who help to support victims of sexual abuse which is a cause I think is very important. Also Nikki Reed (best known for playing Rosalie Hale for in the Twilight series) is in the video and I just adore her. Nikki and her husband Ian Somerhalder do so much for animals and the planet. I don’t go on instagram much but when I do I love looking at their pages because they generally seem to care about animals and the planet and just in general helping fix the world. So not only is the song sung by an amazing singer but it also stars an amazing actress.

Anyway even though this isn’t my usual posting I just really wanted to share it. I hope you’ll enjoy this amazing song as much as I do.

Link to buy on iTunes: [x]


2 thoughts on “Till it happens to you

  1. I agree with you, when a celebrity uses their influence to highlight certain issues, it not only draws the necessary attention but also encourages their fans to speak about it in open! Plus, Lady Gaga’s voice in this is awesome! 😊


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