Hints + Tips for blogging

So I first started blogging like 2 years ago. I delete my old blog after around 5 or 6 posts because I just got bored with it. My heart wasn’t in it, even though my posts were similar to those I post now. I decided to start a blog in December last year after being obsessed with reading other people’s. This time I knew I wanted to take it seriously so before I started posting I did tons of research. Not just on things like posting but also the best research website, how to talk to you audience, how to edit pictures and make collages and just other helpful stuff. I decided since I had a lot of help and still have a lot of resources saved I would share that on my blog so if you’re a new blogger or if you’re thinking of starting a blog then the help is here if you need it!

1. Learn how to edit photos.
Now you don’t have to have Photoshop or some fancy editing software to edit photos if you don’t want too. I mean you can if you want to pay the price but there’s a lot of free online options too. I use Ribbet to edit a majority of my photos and I honestly think it’s probably the best free online editing software out there. There’s also Photobucket which is also very good. For collages I usually use Ribbet if it’s small or if it’s a big collage then I use Collage Maker which is a really good easy to use free website.

2. Social Media
It’s important when you’re starting a blog to share your posts and engage with your audience, other social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, tumblr and instagram will help you to do that. I recommend setting up an account on each of these sites under your blog name rather than your real name, unless you’re okay with people knowing all about you in which case go for it. I would also recommend getting Pinterest and Bloglovin. They’re both extremely helpful for new bloggers and help with gaining followers and also finding new post ideas. I would recommend setting your blog up so your posts automatically share to your social media so you don’t have to share all your posts individually. Also if you’re a fashion blog then WIWT (what I wore today) is a really good website for showcasing your daily looks.

3. Engage with other bloggers
It’s a good idea for you to talk to and converse with other bloggers. Try not to think as blogging as a competition. Comment on others posts and talk to them, don’t just ask them to check out your blog, maybe wait until you’ve been talking a while first, otherwise it comes off as you caring about nothing but followers. You can also join blogger networks which although some are a bit selective about who they invite to join their networks are still a great way to meet other bloggers and gain contacts. To name a few: The Next Blogger Network, The Blogger Network and EtailPR.

4. Have a posting schedule
You need to make sure you’re posting as regularly as you can, because if you leave your blog alone for too long there’s a possibility people could get bored and decide to unfollow you. When I first started posting properly I was posting twice a week. I’d write all my blog posts at the beginning of the month and then schedule them throughout as I found this saved me a lot of time. A few months ago I took a break from posting and have since only been posting 3 times a month. I’m going to try to get back into posting once a month once all my uni work and personal projects are finished, but for now I’m posting around 2-4 times every month. I’d recommend 4 posts a month at a minimum with no maximum. You can schedule your posts in advance but if you post at every week then you’ll never have a week without a post.

If you’re stuck for posting ideas some helpful links I’ve found are:

Let me know if this post helps you in any way and if you have any tips for new bloggers or any ideas or thoughts at all feel free to share them in a comment below!


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