Superdrug Clearly Youthful Resurfacing Day and Night Serum

Ribbet collageSo I needed to buy a new serum a long time ago and picked up these day and night serums from Superdrug. They were 6.99 each in store but Superdrug were doing a 2 for 1 deal and I also had saved 1 pounds worth of points on my Superdrug card so I got both for only 5.99 which is a really good deal in my opinion. These serums come in two boxes, both half pink and half white with silver writing on them. According to the boxes they ‘plump & firms. Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier to help boost elasticity’. It’s also anti-shine and anti-aging which is fantastic. The day serum (the picture on the left) comes in a small plastic white 50ml pump bottle. The night serum comes in a clear plastic 30ml bottle. I’ve been using both once everyday for around months now.

I find the day serum to be really soft and cleansing. It smells absolutely amazing and makes me skin feel so soft and hydrated. I use this after washing my face but before moisturizing and honestly if I wanted too I could skip moisturizing because these is so nice and hydrating it could double up as one. The night serum however I haven’t really liked that much. In comes with one of those lids that you squeeze to suck the liquid up and then squeeze again and to drop the liquid onto your skin. The liquid itself is a light grey liquid. I found it to be really sticky. It smells like the day serum but the texture is the complete opposite. When I apply this to my skin it feels really sticky and after my skin feels really dry and sticky. It’s not nice at all.

So whilst the day serum is a clear 10/10 the night serum is defiantly a 2/10 because it’s just a horrible sticky serum that drys out your skin. I’ll defiantly be trying something else next time.


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