The Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds review


So The Legend of Zelda Series is probably my favourite gaming series ever. No matter how many I play I never get bored with this series and it’s one I probably never will get bored with. I got The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3Ds last year but never got around to playing it (thanks to mountains of college work and other personal projects) until a little while ago. I was very ill and had some time off so I decided it was about time I start playing this. I completed it in about a week, almost too 100% (I missed 3 heart pieces but got everything else) and I really enjoyed the game.

The game is so similar to A link to the past in that the map and layout of everything is really similar. It made me want to play A link to the past again really badly so I probably will be playing that again some point soon. The game starts of with Link on an adventure to find the 3 Pendants of Virtue which is fairly easy. After finding the Master Sword Link then gains the ability to make himself 2d and stick to flat surfaces. he uses this ability to slip through cracks on walls and travel to another world called Lorule. Lorule is very similar to Hyrule except its more of a dark post apocalyptic sort of world where there are monsters everyone, most homes are destroyed and all the people are gone, crazy or in hiding. Lorule also has its own Princess, Princess Hilda who looks very similar to Zelda but with darker hair and eyes. The villain Yuga, turns people he finds beautiful into paintings, which includes the seven sages and Princess Zelda. Link’s job of course is to go to 7 temples, complete them and free the seven sages from their paintings before heading to Lorule castle and freeing Princess Zelda.

I enjoyed this game a lot and to be honest found it a lot easier than most other Zelda games. I think it was a mixture of the fact the game helps you out a lot with things. It’s impossible to get stuck because the game tells you where to go and you can go to the fortune teller and have your fortune told if you’re really that stuck. The temples, enemies and temple bosses are also quite easy, at least compared to other Zelda games. I liked a majority of the game, the only part that was kind of annoying was the fact you have to purchase items rather than winning them in dungeons. You purchase them from Link’s sort of roommate Ravio who takes it upon himself in the beginning to move in with Link and sell you items for quite high prices. The game does throw money at you quite a lot so it’s not hard to buy the stuff after a few temples, but in the beginning it is kind of annoying. You can rent items from him but when you die the items go back to him which is kind of irritating as you have to keep going and getting items back. The only other thing I didn’t like is there’s not a lot of characters to talk to. This is just me being petty but I like to talk to people in these games and apart from Kakariko Village there isn’t very many people to talk to, which kind of makes the huge world feel empty. I don’t know that’s me just nit-picking probably. haha.

So overall I enjoyed this game quite a lot. It’s probably not one of my top 3 favourite Zelda games, but it’s defiantly one of my favourite games in general. It’s really not that hard of a game and would probably be a great recommendation for someone who’s not really into games or hasn’t played a lot of games before or even someone who wants to get into games.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not the best as game reviews but here’s my best shot! If you liked this post please give it a like and if you want to see more posts like this then feel free to follow!



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