Halloween at Lush! Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

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So I popped into Lush a little while ago and they had a lot of their Christmas and Halloween stuff out. Now I brought some bits and pieces, most of which is going up over the next two months. I only actually got one thing from the Halloween collection, which was the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. They also had the Nightwing Shower Jelly but I’m not the biggest fan of shower jelly’s so I didn’t buy that one.

Anyway so this is a bubble bar, which you’re supposed to crumble under running water so that it makes bubbles in your bath. This one looks just like a small glittery pumpkin. It’s covered in gold glitter and even from just touching it once it was all over my hands so it’s quite messy. Apparently this is filled with junipberry (yes that’s a real thing apparently) and lime. I was kind of expecting this to smell like pumpkin’s and was a little disappointed it didn’t, but honestly considering you can get pumpkin spice everything nowadays maybe it was a good thing it didn’t smell like pumpkin. It’s kind of hard to describe the smell, but it kinda smells like vanilla and lime with maybe a hint of blueberry? It’s hard to describe but it’s a very musky smell and if you’re not into sweet things I would really recommend this.

When I used this in the bath It made my bath turn a bright orange, which made it look like fanta. It did make quite a few bubbles and it made me smell really nice. My only problem was the glitter, which was quite messy and got into my hair, which was then a little annoying to get out. It was also kind of hard to crumble, as it took a while to soften and even then it was still hard on the outside. Overall I did like this bubble bar, even if it was a little bit messy with the glitter. I’d probably give it a 7/10, as although I enjoyed the sent and look of the bubble bar, it was a little messy and got stuck in my hair which was annoying to get out.

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