October Favourites

wfwefwSo I haven’t done on of these since June, because I took a little break from posting, but I was reading through my old monthly favourites posts today and I really missed doing them. I’m not saying this is going to become a regular posting thing but I’m going to post them when I feel like it, because I do enjoy doing them.

9Roller Lash Mascara –

Now I talked about this in my haul post last month and I raved about it then and I loved it so much that it really does have to go into my October favourites. Like I said in that post I’ve wanted this mascara for ages but could never bring myself to pay the 20-30 pounds it usually costs. I decided to treat myself and get it and I’m so glad I did because I love it. The mascara makes me lashes look so thick and long and it lasts all day, I absolutely love it. It’s a lot more pricey than most drugstore Mascara’s but I love it so much that I would say it’s defiantly worth it.

DSCF2341Pop Tarts –

I’d never had Pop Tarts until last month. I live in England and Pop Tarts aren’t as common here as they are in America. I always see people in American TV shows and movies eating these and always thought they looked so good but I’ve never had the chance to try them until now. I picked up a box of chocotastic frosted pop tarts from a store near me and I absolutely love them. After putting them in the toaster they come out so nice and warm and the middle of these taste like thick creamy chocolate cake it’s so nice and yummy. They’re a bit too surgery for an everyday snack so this is more of a treat, but I still absolutely adore these and that’s why they’re in my favourites!

largeOn my Own By Samantha Barks (Les Miserables) –

So the first time I watched the Les Miserables 2012 movie, I did not like it. I can’t quite remember why but I think it was because of the constant singing with not a lot of talking in between made me confused about what was going on. however I, someway or another came across On my Own, which is a song sung by Eponine (played by Samantha Banks) in the movie and fell in love. I adore this song so much. It’s such a powerful and tragic song and I find I can relate to this a lot. I find it quite powerful song to listen to when writing and that it has helped me write a few scenes about a character who is stuck in the same sort of situation as Eponine (in love with a friend who is in love with someone else). It’s also made me really interested in Les Miserables more and I really want to go and try and see the live production of it. Carrie Hope Fletcher plays Eponine in The London production of it, I absolutely adore her so I know I’ll definitely love her as Eponine. If you haven’t heard this song before or even if you don’t like musicals I would defiantly check this out because It’s such a lovely song.

E Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub –

I picked this up from Lush the other day because Lush had all their Christmas stuff out and of course me, being a lush addict, had to get some. This lip scrub I find is a lot thicker than the bubblegum lip scrub, which is the one I usually use. This one is red and taste like coke cola. I actually don’t like coke itself but I love coke flavoured things and this taste really nice. I use this every morning after I’ve done my face makeup and leave it on whilst I’m doing my hair and then lick it off. It’s edible so it won’t kill you and it tastes so good. It also makes you lips feel so nice and soft. I’ve had the bubblegum one which is in a similar size tub for about a year and it’s not even half empty so it lasts for ages too. Defiantly worth it.

61EG3RrpO2LReal Technique Makeup Brushes –

So I recently brought a ton of Real Technique makeup brushes because I needed some new ones and I was told these were the best to get. I brought around 7 or 8 brushes that I’ve been using every time I put makeup on and they really are as good as they say. The bristles are so soft and they’re so nice to hold and use to apply makeup. They’re around 3-5 pounds each but I really love them and they really are worth the price.

okokokoFairy Lights –

A bit different but I’ve been really loving fairy lights lately. I currently have 3 sets of fairy lights in my room, some round my bed and some round my curtain rail and I really just love how pretty they are, especially at night time when they make the whole room look magical. This picture on the right is actually from my bedroom and as you can see from my really bad ipad photo they’re really pretty and really stand out. If you’ve got a plain or boring room I would defiantly recommend you buy some fairy lights to refresh the look up a bit.

unnamedCooking Fever App

I don’t know about you but I get really addicted to virtual reality games. This is a virtual reality game called Cooking Fever in which case you run and maintain a bunch of restaurants. I’m really really addicted to this game and I play it almost every single day now. I’ve got really far in it and whilst at some points it can get a bit annoying with the fact it tries to pressure you to buy stuff with real money to get further if you hold out and don’t mind not finishing things straight away then it’s a really fun game. If you’re into these time of games I would defiantly recommend you try it out.

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