The Mortal Instruments Book Series Review


So I recently finished reading The Mortal Instruments series. I read the first book last year and the other 5 books this year. I read them with other books in between (most of which I reviewed on this blog) but didn’t want to actually review any of the books individually until I’d finished the series because I just knew someone was going to spoil it for me, which I did really not want to happen. I quickly became addicted to this series, for reasons I’m going to talk about below. As always if you haven’t read all 6 books in The Mortal Instruments series and don’t want to be spoiled then please don’t read any of this post!

City of Bones

The first book in the series is City of Bones. I brought and read this is in around February/March last year because all the harry potter fan pages/book club pages (I know I’m a loser) I follow on Facebook were always talking about this as well as a few other books I’d never heard of. I looked up the plot and It looked good so I decided to buy it. I had a hard time getting into it at the beginning, but I usually have a hard time getting into a book series I know little to nothing about. If you don’t know what the book it’s about it’s basically a girl named Clary Fray starts seeing Demons and ‘Demon hunters’ called Shadowhunters everywhere and then she meet’s Jace, a mysterious Shadowhunter who she feels connected too. We also meet Clary’s geeky best friend Simon (who is very clearly in love with Clary), Jace’s adoptive siblings; Alec (who has a crush on Jace) and Isabelle as well as the always over dressed glittery high warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane. We venture through Clary’s journey as she finds out about the world her mother had been hiding from her for years. When I read this book Clary and Jace were definitely my favourite characters and I actually did a little happy dance when they first kissed. They’re definitely still today one of my biggest ships. Of course that all came crashing down when at the end of the book we learn that Clary and Jace are actually brother and sister. Yikes. Not a good ending at all and I was very disappointed.

City of Ashes

The next book in the series is City of Ashes. Now I think the disappointing ending to the first one is why it took me almost a year to start the next one. I actually brought the next two books after reading the first one, but I was so disappointed with the ending of the first one I just shoved them onto my book shelf and refused to look at them for a year. In this book the characters are dealing with the aftermath of the first book. A lot of The Clave as well as Jace’s adopted parents have turned against him, because they think he is secretly working with Valentine. A lot of stuff happens and somehow Simon, who turns into a vampire during this book, begins dating Clary. I hated this part so much, the only good bit of it was Jace’s clear jealousy of it all. And I know I know I shouldn’t be shipping them when they’re brother and sister but even as characters on a page, they have so much chemistry and I couldn’t help it. In fact the ending of this book when Simon and Clary break up and Clary realizes she wants Jace was probably the best part. Jace rejected her though which was a downside. Overall this was my least favourite book in the whole series, just because it’s got the least amount of Clary/Jace love in it, which let’s face it is the best thing in the whole series. Oh and Simon really annoyed my during this one.

City of Glass

Now this is 100% my favourite book in the entire series. It’s the first book in the series where we see the characters go to Idris, the Shadowhunters home country. We also learn a lot more backstory to the more minor characters, such as Luke, Jocelyn and Valentine. We also meet new character Sebastian who takes a romantic interest in Clary. Now I’m the biggest Clace (Clary+Jace) shipper out their but even I shipped Sebastian and Clary a little. Of course I would 100% choose Clace every time but I did really enjoy Clary and Sebastian’s scenes and could possibly ship them in AU where they are not actually brother and sister). We find out in the end that Sebastian is Clary’s actual brother, not Jace, which actually made me the happiest person ever. There’s a lot of drama in the end and honestly this book made me feel a lot of emotions. I think the most emotional bits were 1. Clary catching Jace and Aline kissing and Jace shouting at Clary, 2. Isobel asking Clary to leave Jace alone because she’s hurting him, 3. Jace sneaking into Clary’s room to tell her he loves her, 4. Clary finding out Jace isn’t her brother, 5. Clary bringing Jace back to life and 6. the ending. I love all the mortal instruments books but honestly out of them all this is my favourite one and also one of my all time favourite books ever.

City of Fallen Angels

This book starts off very well, because Jace and Clary are finally together! Yay! I was so happy at the possibility of seeing them be an actual couple. Other big things were happening also of course – Luke and Jocelyn are preparing to be married, Simon is dating both Maya and Isobel and mysterious things have been happening across New York. I found this one a little bit boring. Jace was very distant in this book and their weren’t many romantic Clace scenes (apart from the making out in the alley scene, which was the best scene of the whole book). We’re also introduced to Kyle or Jordan, the werewolf ex-boyfriend of Maya who turned her against her will, who also happens to be Simon’s flatmate. Yikes. I found this book to move very slow in terms of plot. I kind of think maybe originally the author – Cassandra Clare intended this to be a trilogy, as the way City of Glass ended everything was tied up and it could’ve ended then and I feel a majority of people would be happy with the ending. I didn’t find City of Fallen Angels as gripping as I did the others in the series, but the way it left on a giant cliffhanger definitely made me immediately want to pick up and read the next one.

City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls had a really different feeling to the other mortal instruments books. I will say I probably found this to be the darkest one of the series. The book starts off with Clary, Simon, Alec, Isobel and Magnus trying to find Jace, who has since disappeared. Eventually Clary manages to find Jace with Sebastian and makes the decision to leave with them. Jace is connected to Sebastian and as such has turned slightly evil, but still has all real Jace’s love for Clary. Clary makes it her mission to stick with Jace and Sebastian in hopes that she can help Jace and make him good again. There’s a few dark moments in that we find out towards the end Sebastian’s feelings for Clary go a lot deeper than brotherly love and there’s actually a scene at the end where he attempts to rape her. She escapes, thankfully but that was still quite a deep dark scene. Even though I know Sebastian is a terrible dark evil character you can’t help but love him, mostly because of how beautifuly he is written. Actually I think all the characters are written really well. Props to Cassandra Clare. The ending was also really nice, as Jace finally became good again and was reunited with his family.

City of Heavenly Fire

The last book in the series, aka as the one I read really slowly because I didn’t want the series to end. In this book we’re introduced to two new characters, Emma and Julian. Now I know they were introduced because they’re the new main characters is Cassandra Clare’s new book series, but I just find them extremely boring. I don’t know if it’s because they’re kids or because I’m just to invested in Jace, Clary, Simon, Isobel and Magnus or care about them but I found their chapters very boring and spent the majority of them waiting for the story to get back to Clary and Jace. We are thrown into drama as soon as this book begins. Near the beginning Jordan dies. Now this really annoyed me for two reasons 1. I really liked him, 2. Maia said after that she never loved him and almost immediately began flirting with a werewolf she had previously dated called Bat. I’ve never really liked Maia since she was introduced in City of Ashes, but her being with Jordan made her bearable. When she was nervous about telling Jordan something I really thought it was going to be that she was pregnant, and when it turned out it was that she didn’t love him I was a little big pissed. I spent the majority of the rest of my book fighting to get through her chapters because I honestly did not care about her character in the slightest.

Clary, Jace, Alec, Isobel and Simon spend a large chunk of this book in a demon realm, looking for Jocelyn, Raphael, Magnus and Luke who have been kidnapped by Sebastian with help from the fairy queen. I found Sebastian interacting with more characters to be really interesting and I actually really enjoyed a majority of this book. At one point Isobel almost dies after being bit my a demon and this was a really sad moment. Luckily she survives but honestly whilst reading it I wasn’t sure if she would. The ending I thought was really sad because Simon loses his memories, and although he slowly starts to get them back I just found it really emotional. I’m glad they had a epilogue because I think it was really needed. I’m glad all the characters got to end up together and be happy though. But now I’m in book hungover mode because I’m too attached to these characters to even think of starting another book. God damn you Cassandra Clare.

There’s a sequel series coming out next year centering on Emma and Jules with some Clary and Jace. I don’t know if I’m going to read this, because like I said before I find them a little boring. But then again I really want to read more of Clary and Jace so I may wait till it comes out, read some reviews and then decide whether to get it or not.

Thanks for reading!


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