Best Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars

j9u9u9uSo I know a majority of people, for some reason, love advent calendar chocolate. I have never really been a fan of advent calendar chocolate because it’s just plain chocolate. Which is honestly a little bit boring to me. If you are the small percent who are like me and aren’t a fan of plain chocolate advent calender’s, then read on because I’m going to list some of the best alternatives I’ve found online.

43376m_zThe Body Shop Advent Calendar
Link: [x] | Price: £60.00

The first calendar on the list is The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar which is priced at £60.00 pounds. It’s a pretty dark green and white large advent calendar with 24 doors that you can open everyday up to Christmas. I adore the body shop, as I find all their products smell fantastic and feel amazing on my skin. I’ve never actually tried any of the solid soaps, and I honestly didn’t even knew they sold soaps so I would be really excited to try this. I can’t afford this calendar this year unfortunately, but maybe next year.


No7 25 Days of Beauty Wonders Advent Calendar
Link: [x] | Price: £38.00
The second calendar is the 25 days of beauty wonders advent calendar by No7. I’ve used a few No7 products over the years and I’ve always found it to be good quality and also not that expensive. I’ve never used the makeup but I’ve used the hand and body creams many times and I’ve always found them to be really good quality. It also appears you get quite a lot for your money and with it being one of the more cheaper options on the list I think this is probably a great early christmas gift for a family member or just for yourself.
Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar
Link: [x] | Price: £65.00
Now going back to one of the more expensive ones again, this is the Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar. It’s probably one of the more popular ones on the list because Benefit is a really amazing brand and whilst I actually only have one benefit products, the roller lash mascara, it’s defiantly one of my favourite makeup products ever. The items in this set apparently come to around £90’s together, so you’re getting a big discount. The only downside to this product is I’ve heard some negative opinions from people who have actually owned it, saying instead of beauty products that inside some doors they got things such as nail files and hairbands – which lets be honest, nobody wants to spent £65.00 on. Do with this information what you will.
8955421425694Tanya Burr Deck the Hauls Christmas Beauty Calendar
Link: [x] | Price: £25.00
Next up is the Tanya Burr Deck the hauls Christmas beauty calendar, which is another 12 door calendar. First things first I will say this one is probably one of the prettiest out of all of them. It reminds me a lot of the houses in the Disney animated 101 dalmatians. It’s a little pink and white terraced house. It comes with 12 Tanya Products and whilst I’ve only ever used two of her products before, I actually really enjoyed them. It’s also not that pricey and whenever I see it in shops it’s always reduced too, so if you’re looking for something not as expensive then definitely pick this one up.
1361047-advent-calendarYankee Christmas Advent Calendar 2015
Link: [x] | Price: £24.99
Next up is the Yankee Christmas Advent Calendar. This one has 24 doors and behind each door is a tealight candle. It comes in a pretty red Christmas box. If you’re maybe not so into beauty products this one is a great idea, especially if you’re like me and love Yankee candles.
Ciate London Mini Mani Month Beauty Advent Calendar Nail Set
Link: [x] | Price: £49.00
If you’re someone who loves nails and decorating your nails or just nail varnishes in general then you should defiantly pick up this one, which is I believe simply just a calendar that contains 24 nail varnishes. I’m not a really big fan of painting my nails, simply because not only am I really bad and painting my nails but I also tend to fidget and pick off the paint. Either that or I smudge them when they’re still wet and then I have to take it off again. Anyway what I will say about this set is the the box is really pretty. It’s a little black and white design of london with a few bits of red on it. Also the bottles look gorgeous and judging by the picture it looks like you get a really nice range of colours. Again if you’re into nails defiantly pick this one up.
Lush 12 Days of Christmas
Link: [x] | Price: £49.95
And the last one on the list is of course the lush 12 days of Christmas calendar. I must admit I’m kind of annoyed this one isn’t 24 days because if it was I’d defiantly be getting it. But if you’re okay and happy with only 12 doors and you love lush then defiantly pick this up. I’ve heard mostly good things about this and apparently you get a good quality amount of stuff inside too so it’s not a letdown for your money.
Thanks for reading :)

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