November Favourites


8837720342558Superdrug Coconut & Lime Body Lotion

The first item I’m going to be talking about is the Superdrug Coconut & Lime Body Lotion. I picked this up because my mum had the cocoa butter & vanilla body lotion and I really liked the smell of it. In the shop I found this one and as someone who loves anything coconut I just had to get it. And honestly I’m so glad I did. It smells absolutely amazing. It smells a lot more like lime than coconut but it’s still such a nice fruity smell. I’ve been applying this almost everyday on my arms and legs and it just smells so good. It kind of has the smell of a lush store. And I know this product isn’t from Lush but it smells just like it. This was only £2.99 for a 200ml bottle which I thought was really good, especially considering how amazing the product is. I just found out they also have a body butter and body spritz of this so I’m definitely going to be investing in that at some point.

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter shea-lip-butter_l

The next product is another skincare product, this time it’s the body shop coconut lip butter. I picked this up because, hey it’s coconut and I adore everything and anything coconut. Now this might be the softest creamiest lip product I’ve ever used. I’ve been putting this every morning whilst getting ready and it just moisturizes my lips so well and makes them so soft and nice. It also tastes so yummy and I have to restrain myself not to immediately lick it off. It was a bit of a push, costing £4.00 for a tiny pot but I would say that it is honestly worth it for the price.

4Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation

So I picked this foundation up either last month or the month before and I’ve been using it every time I wear makeup. I already reviewed it but didn’t actually realize how good it was until the other day, when I applied my makeup in front of a window (I usually do it at my desk but my desk lamp broke and I had to do it with natural lighting instead). This foundation has such easy application and such great coverage. It also last all day and I just really really love it. Plus it was only £7.99 which in my opinion is pretty good for a drugstore foundation.

tumblr_mzjvaqhkda1ql8x8qo3_500Loki/Thor/Tom Hiddleston

So my next favourite is probably going to be a bit weird for some people. So I’ve been really into The Thor movies lately, particularly Loki played by Tom Hiddlestone. I don’t know exactly what it is about the character but I just really like and kind of relate to him a lot. Plus you gotta admit he is smoking in terms of looks. Well personality too I guess. There’s something really hot about bad boys. I feel like I’m gonna regret writing this. *waits for everyone to unfollow*.

dftgyuijkojygftrdBoots Extracts Coconut Body Scrub

Wow another coconut item who would’ve guessed it? Yes I’m in love with anything and everything coconut. This is the Boots Extracts Coconut Body Scrub, which I included in a haul post not long ago. I’ve been using this after I shower every time I have a bath and it makes my skin feel super soft and smell amazing. The mixture kind of reminds me of runny porridge and it’s not rough on your skin like a lot of scrubs are. It of course smells exactly like coconut which is one of the reasons I brought it in the first place. The tub is also massive and you get a lot of uses out of it. If you’ve never tried this or any of the products from the boots extracts range then I would definitely recommend them.

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