My top Christmas movies

BeFunky CollageSo I’ve wanted to this post for a while, and it’s my top Christmas movies. Now this post is probably going to be really boring for a lot of people because they probably know all the movies listed and don’t care to read more about what they already know, but considering it’s my blog and I can post what I want, I’m going to do a top Christmas movies post anyway! So in no particular order lets start:

1The Muppets Christmas Carol [1992]

Okay I absolutely adore Jim Henson movies with a passion. My favourite is the 1986 movie Labyrinth which is actually one of my all time favourite movies (that I know almost every single word of) but I also love Muppets Treasure Island )I adore Tim Curry) and Muppets in space. So of course I also love Muppets Christmas Carol, as anything to do with Jim Henson + Christmas is heaven to me. If you’ve never seen the muppets Christmas Carol, in which case I assume you’ve been living under a rock, it’s basically Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol but with puppets and singing. It’s a kids movie that I used to watch when I was little but I honestly still watch and love it just as much as an adult. It’s such a happy cute family movie and if you’ve never seen it definitely give it a try.

4Scrooged [1988]

Another movie is the 1988 Scrooged movie staring Bill Murray. This is another movie that is a remake of Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol, but this time with less puppets and singing. This movie is a comedy but also a really nice family movie. It has Bill Murray in it who I think is an amazing actor. It’s such a funny happy family movie and it honestly makes me laugh every time I watch it.

2The Nightmare before Christmas [1994]

The next movie on my list is The Nightmare before Christmas, which you can question if it’s actually a Halloween or Christmas movie. I say you can watch it for both because it’s appropriate for both times. It’s a Tim Burton movie, who is one of my favourite directors ever, and the soundtrack is by Danny Elfman, who is one of my favourite composers ever. If you’ve never seen this movie it’s about a skeleton named Jack who lives in Halloween town, a town full of stereotypical scary characters who spend all year preparing for Halloween, of which each year Jack is the star. Jack becomes tired of this and when he finds out about Christmas he decides he wants to be Santa and manages to convince the entire town to help him on this adventure. It’s got that typical Tim Burton sort of creepy style to it, and it’s of course a musical. It’s still a Christmas movie though and not at all scary. I love it to pieces and if you’ve never seen it you should defiantly give it a try.

3Home Alone [1990]

Next up is a movie you’ve probably heard of, home alone. The first one. I think every kid dreams out being left home alone to eat sweets and actually watch movies all day. I did. And now I am actually a grown up I actually spend a lot of time at home alone, I’ve come to realize it’s less watching TV and eating sweets and more eating pasta and watching youtube videos whilst hiding under my blanket with all the windows locked. I’m so good at this grownup thing. Anyway this movie is about a child who is left alone over Christmas and during this time two robbers try and break in and steal all the present and he basically protects the house in really creative ways. It’s a family comedy movie and it’s just so christmasy and amazing so defiantly check it out.

5Christmas with the Kranks [2004]

This one is probably a bit more mature than the others, it’s Christmas with the Kranks. It’s a movie about a family who decide to skip Christmas and go on holiday, much to the dismay of the Christmas loving community around them. It’s a really really funny family comedy. I only really see this movie once a year, as it’s always on TV around December time. But honestly every year It’s like re watching it for the first and laugh just as much. Whether you love all those christmas traditions or you’re one of those people who goes on holiday every year this is defiantly a movie you should check out.

6Love Actually [2003]

Next up is Love Actually, which is a RomCom. Now I’m not one for romantic films, unless it’s not the main plot. I think the only romance movie I can actually stand is Pride & Prejudice, because I adore Jane Austen and Keira Knightley. Anyway this movie is about around 6 different love stories that take place around Christmas. This movie is full of famous faces, including Bill Nighy and Keira Knightley, who are both honestly two of my favourite actors. It also has Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Nesson, Emma Thompson (love) and Alan Rickman, so it has a pretty famous cast in it. It’s just a cute but funny Christmas movie, that I watch every Christmas Eve with my mum and if you’ve never checked it out I recommend you definitely should.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this somewhat useful and/or entertaining. Let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are, or if you’ve seen any of those I’ve listed what you think of them. And if you want to see more of me (sounds a little wrong) feel free to follow :)


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