Christmas Lush haul!


So continuing on from the lush haul I did last month, this is the rest of the stuff I didn’t post then. The reason I didn’t post this was because half of the stuff I purchased was the Lush Limited Edition Christmas stuff, and as such I wanted to wait until Decemberto post it. So I posted the non Christmas stuff last month and now I’m posting the rest. Enjoy!

1Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar
Price: £4.95 | Link: [x]

So one of the first thing I picked up was the Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar. The way a bubble bar works, in case you weren’t sure is that you crumble one under runner water and it creates bubbles. There’s 5 rings so obviously that’s enough for 5 baths. I suppose if you want you can crumble all 5 in at once, though it’s probably not the best idea as you’d end up with a mountain of bubbles. Anyway this product apparently contains fair trade vanilla and smelling the product it does smell a lot like vanilla but I think it also smells a little bit like chocolate. It’s not really a Christmas smell but it is a really nice smell. As you can see from the picture it’s 5 small gold rings on a piece of orange string. The rings are majorly glittery and even from just gently touching one once the glitter is all over my hands so it’s defiantly a messy one.

BPeeping Santa Bubble Bar
Price: £3.95 | Link: [x]

The second item I picked up the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar. As you can see from the picture it’s a really small cute bubble bar in the shape of Santa Claus. This bubble bar is unique in that it has sheer butter in between the top and bottom half, which sticks it all together. It also has small chocolate drops for eyes which I don’t think are edible and if they are I wouldn’t recommend eating them. The bubble bar smells a lot like strawberries and vanilla. It’s a really sweet and also really strong smell, but it’s really nice and calming.

7Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar
Price: £5.25 | Link: [x]

The net thing I picked up was the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar. This is basically a pink and silver glittery bubble bar on a stick with a silver bow wrapped around it. The way bubble bars work is you swirl it around in your bath and it makes bubbles. They’re reusable so you get quite a lot of uses out of them. The bubble bar smells a lot like Snow Fairy, in that it smells a lot like melted marshmallows. I’m really excited to use this because it smells amazing and I’ve read so many good reviews about it, so I’m really looking forward to that.


Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Price: £2.95 | Link: [x]

Next up is the candy mountain bubble bar, which is a small little pink and white coloured swirly cone-shaped bubble bar. It defiantly looks like what a candy mountain would probably look like if they were in fact real. This contains fair trade vanilla and it kinda smells like vanilla, marshmallows and candy floss. It was a mixture of different sweet scents but it’s defiantly a really nice smell. If you’re into sweet smells I would defiantly recommend you pick this up.

2Butterbear Bath Bomb
Price: £1.95 | Link: [x]

The next thing I picked up was the Butterbear Bath Bomb, which I have really been wanting to get for a while. This is apparently enriched with fair trade cocoa butter and is apparently really relaxing. It’s a cute little white bear, and it kind of smells like orange, with a little bit of a vanilla and cinnamon scent to it. I’m excited to try this because I usually only buy bath bombs because of the scent and how pretty they’ll make my bath but this one I brought because it’s apparently really relaxing and makes the skin really soft so I’m super excited to try that. Plus it was only £1.95 so it’s not that expensive.

DStar Dust Bath Bomb
Price: £2.95 | Link: [x]

This is the Star Dust Bath Bomb which is as you can see just a plain white star shaped bath bomb. This is apparently also very softening on the skin as it contain fair trade Ugandan vanilla and rosewood from Peruvian rain forest. It smells strongly of vanilla with maybe a little hint of lavender,  even though it doesn’t have lavender in it apparently, it does have a little hint of it.


The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar
Price: £5.95 | Link: [x]

I picked up another bubble bar. This time The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar/Wand. This is one of the first things I picked up in the shop because of how pretty it is. It’s an orange glittery bubble bar on top of a cinnamon stick. It just screams Christmas to me. It’s supposed to be a spicy clove and almond infused wand, that works the same was the magic wand bar in that you simply wave it around the bath and it creates bubbles. This is absolutely covered in glitter and even touching it a little I’m getting it all over my hands so it’s really messy. It smells like cinnamon and almonds and it’s a really strong smell so if you’re not a fan of cinnamon, don’t get this but if you are then you’ll absolutely love this.


Yog Nog Bath Bomb
Price: £3.95 | Link: [x]

Okay now this is probably my favourite thing out of everything I got and is honestly now one of my top bath bombs. I’m actually tempted to go back and buy a few more of these to last me throughout the year because it’s just so good! It’s the Yog Nog bath bomb, which is a small round white and light brown bath bomb with small star and Christmas tree imprints on it. It smells strongly of toffee and it’s a really sweet smell but not sickly or over powerful (at least in my opinion). According to the description this includes spicy cloves, shea butter, clove bud oil and soy milk powder. It’s such an interesting arrangement of ingredients and scents but it all works perfectly together as this smells so good! If you’re going to get anything from Lush, defiantly get this!


Santa’s Lip Scrub
Price: £5.50 | Link: [x]

Another item I picked up was the Santa’s Lip. Now I’d hear both bad and good things about this. I’ve only ever had the bubblegum lip scrub before this and I loved it, but I’ve seen people saying this one is too syrupy and people find it too sweet. I’ve been using this almost everyday since I brought it and so far I’ve not found it too sweet. It’s a dark red surgery mixture with small hearts in it. It tastes a lot like coca cola, and in my opinion it’s a really nice taste and not too overly sweet. It also makes you lips feel so nice and soft so if you’ve got dry or cracked lips I would defiantly recommend this lip scrub.


Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt
Price: £3.95 | Link: [x]

This is one I was really excited about getting. I really love the lush melting marshmallow moment bath melt, and when I heard people raving about the snow angel luxury bath melt I just knew I had to get it (I feel like I’ve been using that phrase a lot in this post, apologies). It’s this quite bit white and gold layered bath melt. The whole thing is covered in glitter and it’s got that soft creamy texture that bath melts usually have. According to the packet this is apparently a bath melt made of fair trade cocoa butter and once in the bath it melts it melts into a blanket of snow. I can’t wait to try this one out for sure. It kind of has a sweet smell that’s a mixture of marzipan, cinnamon and vanilla.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Price: £3.95 | Link: [x]

Now this one I was really excited about buying. Everyone on the blogs I read always goes on about Snow Fairy and how much they love snow fairy and how it’s their favourite shower gel from lush that only comes out once a year and blah blah blah. So I knew I defiantly had to try some. I smelt some in the shop and I fell in love. It smells exactly like the magic wand bubble bar, in that it’s a very sweet smell that smells exactly like melted marshmallows. I brought the 250g bottle but I’m honestly tempted to go back and buy the bigger version of it because I just love it that much.

4Cinders Bath Bomb
Price: £2.95 | Link: [x]

The last one I picked up was the Cinders Bath Bomb. It’s a very small yellow bath bomb with what I think is red popping candy in the top. This is obviously supposed to be Cinderella themed and caption says ‘you shall got to the ball for crackling firesides scented like hot fruit punch’. Now straight away I can say this smells just line cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla. It’s a very spicy smell.

Thank you for reading, if you liked this post please leave a comment below and if you’d like to see more from me, feel free to follow! :)


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