Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

1Frozen Bath Bomb
Price: £3.95 | Link: [x]

So I know this isn’t a Lush Christmas item but I wanted to post a review of this since I recently used it and wanted to talk about it. Like I said even though it’s not a Christmas lush item it is called Frozen which kind of suits in with winter and Christmas right? right? Well whatever I’m posting it anyway.

So I picked up this bath bomb because It’s called Frozen and I love the movie Frozen a lot. No really that was pretty much the only reason. Well that and the smell. As you can see from the pic this is just a very large blue ball shaped bath bomb, nothing very pretty too look at. To be honest I was kind of for some reason expecting to pick it up and for it to be really cold, which obviously I knew it wasn’t going to be but my imagination wanted its name to match the feeling when you pick it up.

Apparently this contains grapefruit, rose and neroli oil. I will say it defiantly smell likes roses with a slight citrus background to it which is probably thanks to the grapefruit oil. It’s not an overly sweet smile but it’s not too dull either. I put this in the bath and it exploded into a mixture of light and dark blues. When it can stopped fizzing the whole of the water had turned blue – unlike most bath bombs that only seem to leave a layer of colour on top this one effected the whole bath. The water also had a slight glittery shimmer to the top which was really pretty. I could describe it as in cartoons the water is blue and shiny – this is what this bath bomb did to the water. Think Pokemon water. This is what this bath bomb did to it.

Thanks for reading! If you’ve had this bath bomb before let me know what you thought of it!


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