2016 Goals


So for the post of the year I’ve decided to do a small list of goals I have for 2016. Yes goals not new years resolutions, as I make those every single year and I’ve not once kept to them. So this year I’m just setting a list of goals I can work on over the next year. I know many people won’t care about what my goals are but this is more for me so I know what they are, so I can look back at the beginning of 2017 and see how things went and also hopefully for someone to see to this and maybe get a bit more motivated at trying to achieve their goals. I picked this quote off of pinterest because I find it very inspirational and I think making a plan will help me a lot more with achieving my goals over the next year. So anyway here’s my goals.

1. Blog

Now for my blog I started off this year not really knowing what I was doing and thanks to that a majority of my early posts are really really bad. For some reason people still liked them though, which is strange as every time I look back at them I cringe. Anyway I feel as of late I’ve become more of a quantity over quality person when it comes to my blog, which I think is thanks to the fact I’ve been so busy I’ve been just knocking out reviews in my spare time just so I have something to post. So in the new year there are a few things I want to change about my blog and the way I blog. First of I want to purchase a custom domain name. WordPress charges I think £18 a year to purchase a custom domain name which in my opinion is really really good, and since it’s really not that expensive I’ll probably buy myself one at some point. Second of all is I want to work on posting better pictures, as I think I could and should improve my photography a lot more. Third of all I want to write better posts. As much as I love doing reviews there’s so many other posts I would love to do but for some reason I limit myself from doing them. Next year I’m going to still post reviews but I also post things I want to as well.

2. Book

So if you don’t already know one of my dreams is to be a published author. I just love reading, writing and creating so much and I’ve got this big huge world inside my head full of characters and plots and I really want to turn that into a novel. I actually finished writing my first book this year and I’m currently working through editing it and changing things, but I’m also working on another one as we speak and I have ideas for 4 written down and about 20 in my head. So that’s a lot and my aim for this year is to finish editing the one I’ve already finished and to finish writing the second. Even though I would love to get them published I feel like as of now that’s an unrealistic goal so instead my goal is to just get this novels to be written, edited and readable by the end of 2016.

3. Uni/Carrer/Personal

Now for uni/career/personal. I attend uni and the course I’m taking will hopefully eventually lead onto me having a career in this line of work. I don’t exactly want to say what I do at Uni for personal reasons so explaining this is going to be hard. But basically for 2016 I want to improve my portfolio of work and spend more improving my coursework. I’ve always had really good grades and so far on the course I’ve gotten really good grades but I wanted to improve my work for myself, because I want to push myself and do better.
On a personal level I want to spend more time reading and playing games. Reading and playing games are two things are really really enjoy and find entertaining but I rarely have time to do both, meaning I usually I don’t do either or I only have time for one. So next year I want to take more time to enjoy the things I want to do, instead of just working all the time.
Another personal improvement I guess is I want to improve my acting. Because of my uni course (which is not an acting course) I sometimes have to do some acting and I don’t feel like I’m very good at it, so I really want to maybe take a few classes and improve my acting. I have a few friends who are also interested in improving their acting so we’re probably going to be doing that together which should be fun.

And that is it! There’s a few others but I haven’t written them down because I don’t really know how to talk about them in writing, so this’ll do for now. If you have any goals for 2016, let me know below and if you liked this post leave a like and feel free to follow for more!


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