Homeware Haul

23So a few months ago I went on a little shopping trip with my mum and I picked up some homey bits for my bedroom, as I’ve been really into decorating lately and I really wanted to change-up my plain bedroom a bit. I felt like I was posting too many hauls from my big shopping trip so whilst this post is probably going up in January this is from a shopping trip I went on in September, so it was a while ago but I have all the pictures so I might as well post them.

6Okay so one of the first things I picked up was this small rectangle throw pillow from Primark. I’m trying to think of how to describe the pattern on this pillow but I’m finding it a little hard. It’s a white pillow with a sort of grey and light pink oriental pattern. It curves around the pillow and has detailed images of flowers and birds. On one side it says Love and on the other are 3 pink butterflies.

1The next item I got way this faux fur oversized throw. It says on the label that it is a luxury throw and I 100% that it is. As I’m sitting right now snuggled up with it aound me I can for sure say it’s defiantly my favourite item I brought. It’s huge, for sure. I have a single bed and it’s probably around 3 times bigger than that. It’s a very soft light pink colour and it feels so soft and gentle. I checked of course to make sure it wasn’t real fur as I’d never buy fur, nor should you so I’m happy I got such a nice soft fur without having to skin an animal to get it. Bonus is this was originally at £50 but I got it for £20.

2The next thing I was this large cushion. I loved this cushion almost instantly because of the amazing pattern. It has a sort of miss mas of different maps on it. It reminded me greatly of back in the past when their would be sea monsters and ghost ships drawn in the corners of maps. If you know me you’ll know I love anything and everything to do with pirates and this just instantly reminded me off them. Plus it came with this really nice quote on it ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’ which I just love. I’m such a sucker for quotes like this so of course it just made me love it more.

4If you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with candles, so of course I brought some. I got this from Primark for £1 pound each. The first is a light pink small candle in a jar. It has arrow patterns around the edge and is apparently a wild rose centered candle. Too me it doesn’t smell like wild rose, it kind of smells like sweets. I’m not bothered by this though because it honestly still does smell amazing and for such a pretty jar and such a cheap price I am not complaining. The second candle I got which was also from Primark is a tall white candle in a glass. The glass it’s in is so pretty. It has little patterns of purple, pink and grey on the side. There’s little birds, butterflies, bird  cages, hearts and roses. It’s so pretty. The candle itself is supposed t me Frangipani and rose petal. I have no idea what Frangipani smells like but to me this candle smells like rose soap. I know that’s an odd way to describe something but it really does smell like rose scented soap. Weird.

5I picked up three different sets of fairy lights, because I’m an adult who can make her own decisions. ha. No but really look how pretty they are. I brought 3 sets of lights. All are battery-powered. One is just a simply set of 20 Led Lights which have pretty little butterflies on them, another has small white light up roses on it and the other has small white wicker hearts. I’ve had them on and around my room since I got them and I just adore how beautiful they make everything. Defiantly a great buy. I think the hearts and the rose lights were £3.00 each and that butterfly lights were £2.00.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and if you want more feel free to follow!:)


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