My experience with braces

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So I haven’t posted on my blog in a long long time, mostly because I’ve been very busy and I’ve been working on other projects. I want to finish up my other projects by the summer and then spend the summer working on my blog. I want to get a new film, improve my photography, edit and change some stuff around and overall just mix it all up.

Anyway so I thought I would make a post just generally talking about my experience with braces. Because when I was told I needed braces I searched up about it and couldn’t really find much information from anyone who had had braces themselves, only dentists and other health professionals.

So getting into things asap, I got braces just after my 15th birthday, so February 2012. I had been told in March 2013 that I needed braces but I refused due to the fact I had glasses at the time and didn’t want to be picked on for having braces and glasses. Now there is nothing wrong whatsoever with having braces and glasses. My problem with it was I had 3 boys at my school who liked to be mean about my appearance and they generally referred to me as Betty, as in the character Ugly Betty because in their eyes ‘I looked like her’. So 14 years old me at the time didn’t want straight teeth, she wanted to stop the abuse so she refused braces. Which as a result actually made my teeth a lot worse.

So now my sob story is over a year later my optician told me I was at the age and maturity level where I was allowed to wear contact lenses. So I finally booked my appointment with the dentist to get my braces. I got my contact lenses two days later, if you want a post on all my contact lenses/glasses story then leave a comment and I’ll whip something up. Anyway, back to the story when I got braces they of course at first had to measure up my teeth by sticking they horrible tray of green goo into my mouth for me to bite on. It was horrible the first time, but bearable.

Straight away my gums and lips flared up and they took a few days to go down. I wasn’t allowed to eat for an hour after getting them on and when I was allowed to eat eating was quite uncomfortable for a week. Not painful, but uncomfortable. They gave me wax I could push onto the brackets, but I never actually had to use it because my braces never rubbed on my gums or hurt that much. I was told to avoid certain foods, particularly hole foods. I was told to cut burgers, pizza and apples up before eating them. I of course, being the 15 rebellious teenagers I was, always just bit into pizza and burgers and never had any pain or problems with it. The first time I bit into an apple however was actually the last time because it hurt so much and I was in so much pain that I never did it again after that. So yeah if you have braces, don’t bite into apples. I should also mention you generally get your braces tightened every few months which does hurt a little, but depending on your pain tolerance level you might not even be that effected by it.

So I was originally told I would have braces for 1.5-2 years. I ended up having braces for 3.7 years. So quite a bit longer than I originally was told, but then again that was probably my fault for putting it of for 11 months. I got my braces off in August 2015 and a week later I got a retainer. (this is where it gets grim.) Now first off, getting the braces off is one of the most painful things that I’ve ever experienced. Basically some of my gum had grown up over and under my brace, so after having my braces removed (which was a little uncomfortable but otherwise fine) I had to have the excess gums cut off. Yes using an electric drill they drilled of the excess gum that had grown over my teeth. It hurt so bad I stopped him several times because I was in too much pain and was crying. My mouth was full of blood and my teeth were stained red, which resulted in the assistant having to clean the blood my teeth and suck it up using the little vacuum thing.

It was horrible and painful and just like I stated before, one of the most horrible experiences of my life.

I then had the lovely experience of having a fitting for my retainer. This involved the same process as before when a tray covered in green goo was shoved into my mouth. It was so horrible, the whole process only lasts 2 minutes but it feels like forever. They push it back so far that you start gagging. They told me to breath out my nose but the green goo itself smells so disgustingly bad that it hurts your nose. So really breathing either way hurts and it is really just a horrible experience. The first week I had my retainer I hated it so much. It made me gag, it hurt my teeth, I hated taking it out and putting it back in. I just really hated it. Skip forward month and I was fine with it. I still have it now, 5 months later and I’m still fine with it. It’s easy to care for and easy to wear. I’ve had no problems with it and I’ve just had a great experience with it.

So overall braces and retainers aren’t really that painful or irritating, but the getting them on and taking them off hurt a lot more – at least in my experience. Of course everyone’s experiences are different, it all depends on how bad you teeth are and on what your pain tolerance level is like. I for one am glad I now have perfectly straight teeth and can say braces are definitely worth it. If you unsure of getting braces just do it because it makes them look so nice and straight that it’s worth the 2 years of pain and not biting into apples.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you asap :)!




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