Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

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Link: [x] | Price: £5.49

So I’ve been using this concealer for the last 3 months now, ever since my old one ran out. I really wanted to try a new one, so I picked up this one. I’d seen a lot of amazing reviews on it, with most people saying the best drugstore concealer is either this or the collection lasting perfection concealer. Now the collection concealer was the one I was using previously to this, and it was great. But I wanted to try something new and so this happened.

I have very fair/pale skin so I picked this up in ivory which is the lightest shade. Unlike the wake me up foundation, the lightest shade of this does not have pink undertones, but is just a nice stable light colour. The coverage is amazing and it applies very well. I will say my only problem with this is that although it does amazing on spots and blemishes it seems to crease quite badly when applied under the eyes. Apart from that little mishap it’s a really amazing concealer, easy to apply, last for a long time and it’s easy to take off.

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